to have (got) it going on
/hæv ɡɑːt ɪt ɡˌoʊɪŋ ˈɑːn/
to have a sexually attractive appearance
the belle of the ball
/ðə bˈɛl ʌvðə bˈɔːl/
the most attractive or popular woman at a party, dance, or any other social event
to look / feel (like) a million dollars
/lˈʊk fˈiːl lˈaɪk ɐ mˈɪliən dˈɑːlɚz/
to look very attractive, well-dressed, and stylish, as if one had spent a lot of money on their appearance
to turn heads
/tˈɜːn hˈɛdz/
to attract a lot of interest or attention because of how great someone or something looks
(as) brown as a berry
/æz bɹˈaʊn æz ɐ bˈɛɹi/
used to describe someone who has tanned skin, due to prolonged exposure to the sunlight
a hair out of place
/ɐ hˈɛɹ ˌaʊɾəv plˈeɪs/
an appearance that is not perfectly organized, neat, and tidy
crowning glory
/kɹˈaʊnɪŋ ɡlˈoːɹi/
used to refer to someone's hair
carrot top
/kˈæɹət tˈɑːp/
a person whose hair has a color between red and brown
bad hair day
/bˈæd hˈɛɹ dˈeɪ/
a day on which one feels unattractive, particularly due to one's hair not looking as well as it should
to let oneself go
/lˈɛt wʌnsˈɛlf ɡˈoʊ/
to stop caring for one's physical or mental health
out at (the) elbows
/ˈaʊt æt ðə ˈɛlboʊz/
wearing clothes that are of poor quality or are worn-out, often because of having no money to afford a better one
wild and woolly
/wˈaɪld ænd wˈʊli/
(of appearance) looking untidy, rough, or disorganized
to look / feel like something the cat bring / drag in
/lˈʊk fˈiːl lˈaɪk sˈʌmθɪŋ ðə kˈæt bɹˈɪŋ dɹˈæɡ ˈɪn/
to look very disorganized and untidy
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