love child
/lˈʌv tʃˈaɪld/
a child who had parents that were not married to one another
big mama
/bˈɪɡ mˈɑːmɐ/
a woman that is regarded as the one who provides for her family
born on the wrong side of the blanket
/bˈɔːɹn ɑːnðə ɹˈɔŋ sˈaɪd ʌvðə blˈæŋkɪt/
used to refer to a child whose parents were not married at the time of birth
born and bred
/bˈɔːɹn ænd bɹˈɛd/
used to refer to a place one was born or grew up in
to have a bun in the oven
/hæv ɐ bˈʌn ɪnðɪ ˈʌvən/
to be expecting a child
to wrap sb (up) in cotton wool
/ɹˈæp ˌɛsbˈiː ˌʌp ɪn kˈɑːʔn̩ wˈʊl/
to protect or treat someone or something in an overly cautious or overprotective manner
pigeon pair
/pˈɪdʒən pˈɛɹ/
a specific sibling combination consisting of a boy and a girl, typically born consecutively in the same family
one's (own) flesh and blood
/wˈʌnz ˈoʊn flˈɛʃ ænd blˈʌd/
used to describe someone with whom one shares a family relation
curtain lecture
/kˈɜːtən lˈɛktʃɚ/
a lecture or reprimand a wife gives to her husband in private
black sheep
/blˈæk ʃˈiːp/
someone who is regarded as shameful, embarrassing, or disgraceful within their family or group
chip off the old block
/tʃˈɪp ˈɔf ðɪ ˈoʊld blˈɑːk/
someone who closely resembles their parent, especially in terms of personality, traits, or behavior
to cut sb off with a cent / penny
/kˈʌt ˌɛsbˈiː ˈɔf wɪð ɐ sˈɛnt ɔːɹ pˈɛni/
to disinherit or withdraw financial support from a family member as a way to express disapproval or to enforce certain behaviors or decisions
Benjamin of the family
/bˈɛndʒəmᵻn ʌvðə fˈæmɪli/
used to refer to the youngest child of a family
from father to son
/fɹʌm fˈɑːðɚ tə sˈʌn/
used to refer to the passing down of traditions, knowledge, values, or skills from one generation to the next, especially from a father to his son
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