love rat
/lˈʌv ɹˈæt/
someone, especially a man, who cheats on their partner with another person
cupboard love
/kˈʌbəd lˈʌv/
love that is fake, dishonest, and motivated by the hopes of gaining something
gold digger
/ɡˈoʊld dˈɪɡɚ/
a person, typically a woman, who enters into a romantic relationship with someone solely for financial gain
to have a roving eye
/hæv ɐ ɹˈoʊvɪŋ ˈaɪ/
to frequently look at other people, often in a romantic or sexual way, despite being in a committed relationship
puppy love
/pˈʌpi lˈʌv/
a young person's strong, yet brief feeling of love toward someone
footloose and fancy-free
/fˈʊtluːs ænd fˈænsifɹˈiː/
free to do as one pleases without having any attachments, particularly romantic ones
to get / go to first base with sb
/ɡɛt ɡˌoʊ tə fˈɜːst bˈeɪs wɪð ˌɛsbˈiː/
to kiss someone on the lips
to kiss and tell
/kˈɪs ænd tˈɛl/
to reveal private or intimate details about a romantic or sexual relationship with someone, especially without the consent of the other person involved
love nest
/lˈʌv nˈɛst/
a private, often secret, place where two people in a romantic relationship spend time together without anyone disturbing them
backdoor man
/bˈækdoːɹ mˈæn/
a man who has an intimate relationship with a woman who is already in a committed relationship or marriage, often without the knowledge of the partner
ladies' man
/lˈeɪdɪz mˈæn/
a man who is very charming, attractive, and popular among women, often having many romantic relationships
take / need a cold shower
/tˈeɪk ɔːɹ nˈiːd ɐ kˈoʊld ʃˈaʊɚ/
used to advise someone to calm down and regain control after experiencing sexual excitement
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