to be on the way up
/biː ɑːnðə wˈeɪ ˈʌp/
to be rising up to a higher position or level
anyone who is anyone
/ˈɛnɪwˌʌn hˌuː ɪz ˈɛnɪwˌʌn/
the important or influential people in a particular field or social setting
big cheese
/bˈɪɡ tʃˈiːz/
someone of great importance or influence
big enchilada
/bˈɪɡ ɛntʃɪlˈɑːdə/
an individual who is very famous or influential
big fish
/bˈɪɡ fˈɪʃ/
a person whose fame or influence has widely spread
big gun
/bˈɪɡ ɡˈʌn/
a person or an organization that possesses great power or influence
big shot
/bˈɪɡ ʃˈɑːt/
someone of great importance or influence
big wheel
/bˈɪɡ wˈiːl/
a person who has a lot of power or influence in a particular field, business, or community
to come / go up in the world
/kˈʌm ɡˌoʊ ˌʌp ɪnðə wˈɜːld/
to rise in wealth or status
head honcho
/hˈɛd hˈɑːntʃoʊ/
a person of great importance or influence
large and in charge
/lˈɑːɹdʒ ænd ɪn tʃˈɑːɹdʒ/
having power or authority and commanding respect and attention, often implying confidence, assertiveness, and control
tall poppy
/tˈɔːl pˈɑːpi/
a successful person who becomes the target of criticism or resentment from others because of their achievements or prominence
the powers that be
/ðə pˈaʊɚz ðæt bˈiː/
the individuals or groups who hold the most authority or influence in a particular organization, community, or situation
mover and (a) shaker
/mˈuːvɚɹ ænd ʃˈeɪkɚ/
a person who has a significant influence and is actively involved in bringing about change or progress in a particular field or industry
sleeping giant
/slˈiːpɪŋ dʒˈaɪənt/
a person, organization, or entity that has immense potential, power, or influence, but is currently inactive, unaware, or not utilizing their capabilities
men in (gray) suits
/mˈɛn ɪn ɡɹˈeɪ sˈuːts/
the people who have a lot of power and authority within an organization but are not known by many people
the corridors / halls of power
/ðə kˈɔːɹɪdˌoːɹz hˈɔːlz ʌv pˈaʊɚ/
the influential and decision-making circles within a government, organization, or institution
the gnomes of Zurich
/ðə nˈoʊmz ʌv zjˈʊɹɪk/
a group of powerful bankers or investors particularly from Switzerland who are believed to have secret political influence
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