lame duck
/lˈeɪm dˈʌk/
someone or something that is unsuccessful and in need of help
rotten egg
/ɹˈɑːʔn̩ ˈɛɡ/
someone who keeps failing at things they try to do, particularly in a hilarious or horrendous way
blind alley
/blˈaɪnd ˈæli/
a course or situation that yields no useful results
dead loss
/dˈɛd lˈɔs/
someone who accomplishes nothing or is of no use
a losing battle
/ɐ lˈuːzɪŋ bˈæɾəl/
a situation or conflict where the outcome or victory is highly unlikely or unfavorable
to be done for
/biː dˈʌn fɔːɹ/
to be certain to fail because of being in an awful situation
one's cake is dough
/wˈʌnz kˈeɪk ɪz dˈoʊ/
used when one's actions failed to achieve any success or make any progress
to hit / reach rock bottom
/hˈɪt ɹˈiːtʃ ɹˈɑːk bˈɑːɾəm/
to reach the lowest possible point in a particular situation, often in terms of emotional or financial well-being
to not have a (single) prayer
/nˌɑːt hæv ɐ sˈɪŋɡəl pɹˈɛɹ/
to have no chance of achieving success
the end of the line / road
/ðɪ ˈɛnd ɪf ðə lˈaɪn ɹˈoʊd/
the point at which making further progress becomes nearly impossible
no dice
/nˈoʊ dˈaɪs/
used to say that one has no chance in achieving success or is out of luck when trying to do something
to go down the tube
/ɡˌoʊ dˌaʊn ðə tˈuːbz/
to experience a significant decline, failure, or deterioration in a situation, project, or endeavor
to go down like a lead balloon (across Wales)
/ɡˌoʊ dˌaʊn lˈaɪk ɐ lˈiːd bəlˈuːn/
to be extremely unsuccessful or very badly received
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