dead loss
/dˈɛd lˈɔs/
a situation or activity that is not productive
to come to grief
/kˈʌm tə ɡɹˈiːf/
to have an undesirable, unfortunate, or disappointing outcome
out of the running
/ˌaʊɾəv ðə ɹˈʌnɪŋ/
with no chance of succeeding in a competition
wide of / off the mark
/wˈaɪd ʌv ˈɔf ðə mˈɑːɹk/
far from the correct or expected result
comedy of errors
/kˈɑːmədi ʌv ˈɛɹɚz/
a situation or series of events that is marked by a sequence of humorous mistakes, mishaps, or misunderstandings
dog days
/dˈɑːɡ dˈeɪz/
a period of hardship, struggle, or adversity
to miss the boat / bus
/mˈɪs ðə bˈoʊt bˈʌs/
to lose the chance to take advantage of something, particularly a good opportunity
dead man walking
/dˈɛd mˈæn wˈɔːkɪŋ/
someone who is prone to lose something that is of great value or importance to them, such as their position, job, title, etc.
dead duck
/dˈɛd dˈʌk/
someone or something that has never succeeded or is very unlikely to succeed in the future
to come a cropper
/kˈʌm ɐ kɹˈɑːpɚ/
to suddenly fail at something
dead end
/dˈɛd ˈɛnd/
a situation that shows no signs of progress or improvement
dead in the water
/dˈɛd ɪnðə wˈɔːɾɚ/
used to describe a situation or plan that has come to a complete halt or has become unproductive, with little to no chance of progress or success
to pass one's sell-by date
/pˈæs wˈʌnz sˈɛlbaɪ dˈeɪt/
to be no longer effective or of much use
down for the count
/dˌaʊn fɚðə kˈaʊnt/
having failed in doing or achieving something and unable to continue
to go / come down in the world
/ɡˌoʊ kˈʌm dˌaʊn ɪnðə wˈɜːld/
to experience a fall in social or financial status
yesterday's man / woman
/jˈɛstɚdˌeɪz mˈæn wˈʊmən/
someone who was once significant or important but is now considered outdated or no longer influential
to draw a blank
/dɹˈɔː ɐ blˈæŋk/
to be unable to come up with ideas or solutions to a problem
the writing is on the wall
/ðə ɹˈaɪɾɪŋ ɪz ɑːnðə wˈɔːl/
used to say that there are clear indications or signals that something negative or disastrous is going to happen soon, and that it is likely to be unavoidable
to take sb to the cleaners
/tˈeɪk ˌɛsbˈiː tə ðə klˈiːnɚz/
to defeat a person or a group thoroughly or in a very humiliating way
wooden spoon
/wˈʊdən spˈuːn/
an imaginary or symbolic prize given to the person who finishes in last place or performs poorly in a competition or event
to knock sb off one's feet
/nˈɑːk ˌɛsbˈiː ˈɔf wˈʌnz fˈiːt/
to overwhelm or defeat someone completely and unexpectedly
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