to bring / carry owls to Athens
/bɹˈɪŋ kˈæɹi ˈaʊlz tʊ ˈæθɪnz/
to put effort into doing something unproductive and completely unnecessary
to carry / take coals to Newcastle
/kˈæɹi tˈeɪk kˈoʊlz tə nˈuːkæsəl/
to undertake something that is pointless
to chase rainbows
/tʃˈeɪs ɹˈeɪnboʊz/
to pursue a goal or aspiration that is unrealistic or unlikely to be achieved
to be / go for naught
/biː ɡˌoʊ fɔːɹ nˈɔːt/
to completely fail to produce the intended or expected effect
to come to nothing
/kˈʌm tə nˈʌθɪŋ/
to fail to achieve the desired results
down the drain
/dˌaʊn ðə dɹˈeɪn/
used to refer to something, such as a chance, idea, etc., that has been completely wasted or neglected
to fall on stony ground
/fˈɔːl ˌɑːn stˈoʊni ɡɹˈaʊnd/
to fail to produce or achieve the desired result
to go / get nowhere
/ɡɛt nˈoʊwɛɹ/
to fail to achieve success
in circles
/ɪn sˈɜːkəlz/
with no success achieved or no progress made
to milk the / a bull / ram
/mˈɪlk ðɪ ɐ bˈʊl ɹˈæm/
to engage in a fruitless or pointless activity
to pay too dearly for one's whistle
/pˈeɪ tˈuː dˈɪɹli fɔːɹ wˈʌnz wˈɪsəl/
to waste too much money, resources, or effort on doing something that proves to be unfulfilling in the end
wild goose chase
/wˈaɪldɡˈuːs tʃˈeɪs/
a pursuit or search for something that is unlikely to produce any useful result
wise after the event
/wˈaɪz ˈæftɚ ðɪ ɪvˈɛnt/
to come to realize what could have been done to prevent something bad from happening after it has already happened
to boil the ocean
/bˈɔɪl ðɪ ˈoʊʃən/
to make an attempt to achieve something that seems extremely difficult or even impossible
to wave a dead chicken
/wˈeɪv ɐ dˈɛd tʃˈɪkɪn/
to engage in a futile or meaningless action in an attempt to resolve a problem or accomplish a task
to put (a) lipstick on a pig
/pˌʊt ɐ lˈɪpstɪk ˌɑːn ɐ pˈɪɡ/
to make a fruitless attempt in order to make something look more beautiful or successful
to whistle in the wind
/wˈɪsəl ɪnðə wˈɪnd/
to make a fruitless attempt to solve a problem
to argue the toss
/ˈɑːɹɡjuː ðə tˈɑːs/
to disagree with or continue arguing about a decision that is already made
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