the shirt off one's back
/ðə ʃˈɜːt ˈɔf wˈʌnz bˈæk/
everything a person has to offer for helping someone, even things that they need for themselves
to throw oneself at one's feet
/θɹˈoʊ wʌnsˈɛlf æt wˈʌnz fˈiːt/
to beg someone for help or forgiveness
to take / pick up the cudgels
/tˈeɪk pˈɪk ˌʌp ðə kˈʌdʒəlz/
to show one's support of someone or something by defending them at any cost
to take sb under one's wing
/tˈeɪk ˌɛsbˈiː ˌʌndɚ wˈʌnz wˈɪŋ/
to kindly help or protect someone, particularly someone who is young or not experienced enough
to stick up for sb/sth
/stˈɪk ˌʌp fɔːɹ ˌɛsbˈiː slˈæʃ ˌɛstˌiːˈeɪtʃ/
to show strong support for a person or thing when they are faced with danger or criticism
shoulder to shoulder
/ʃˈoʊldɚ tə ʃˈoʊldɚ/
together working toward a shared aim
to share and share alike
/ʃˈɛɹ ænd ʃˈɛɹ ɐlˈaɪk/
to give or take things equally and in a way that is fair to everyone
to scratch one's back
/skɹˈætʃ wˈʌnz bˈæk/
to offer someone help, usually while expecting them a favor in exchange
to open one's heart to sb/sth
/ˈoʊpən wˈʌnz hˈɑːɹt tʊ ˌɛsbˈiː slˈæʃ ˌɛstˌiːˈeɪtʃ/
to be willing to help or support a person, cause, etc., often by offering money
on bended knee
/ˌɑːn bˈɛndᵻd nˈiː/
used to describe kneeling as a sign of deep respect for someone
shoulder to cry on
/ʃˈoʊldɚ tə kɹˈaɪ ˈɑːn/
a person who listens to someone's problems and encourages them and gives them emotional support
knight in shining armor
/nˈaɪt ɪn ʃˈaɪnɪŋ ˈɑːɹmɚ/
someone who bravely saves another from a danger or difficulty
to put / set one's mind at rest / ease
/pˌʊt sˈɛt wˈʌnz mˈaɪnd æt ɹˈɛst ˈiːz/
to assure someone that they no longer need to worry about a particular person or thing
under the auspices of sb/sth
/ˌʌndɚ ðɪ ˈɔːspɪsᵻz ʌv ˌɛsbˈiː slˈæʃ ˌɛstˌiːˈeɪtʃ/
while being supported by or under the protection of someone or something
to give sb a shot
/ɡˈɪv ˌɛsbˈiː ɐ ʃˈɑːt/
to provide an opportunity for someone to succeed at or achieve something
to pick one's brain
/pˈɪk wˈʌnz bɹˈeɪn/
to ask a knowledgeable or informed person their opinion on something
hat in hand
/hˈæt ɪn hˈænd/
in a manner that is humble and respectful
to smooth one's ruffled feathers
/smˈuːð wˈʌnz ɹˈʌfəld fˈɛðɚz/
to do something that calms someone who has been offended
to feed the kitty
/fˈiːd ðə kˈɪɾi/
to contribute a sum of money, often in small amounts
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