to pare
to trim or remove the outer layer of something
a combined nail care treatment for both the hands and feet, often done in a salon or spa
to manicure
to groom and beautify the nails and hands through trimming, shaping, filing, and polishing
to pedicure
/ˈpɛdɪkjɝ/, /ˈpɛdɪkjɔɹ/
to groom and pamper the feet and toenails, including activities such as exfoliating, trimming, and applying polish to the toenails
nail buffing
/neɪl bʌfɪŋ/
a cosmetic process using a buffer to smooth and polish nails for a glossy, shiny appearance without nail polish
nail extension
/neɪl ɛkstɛnʃən/
a cosmetic procedure to lengthen and enhance the appearance of natural nails using artificial materials like acrylic or gel
nail art
/neɪl ɑːɹt/
the creative application of designs or embellishments on nails to achieve unique and personalized looks
nail enhancement
/neɪl ɛnhænsmənt/
the cosmetic procedures or techniques that are used to improve the appearance of natural nails or extend their length
to trim
to make something appear more neat or organized by cutting it down to a desired size or by removing its edges
to file
to make something even or level by using a file or similar tool to remove roughness or irregularities
to buff
to polish or shine a surface by rubbing it with a soft cloth or a special tool
gel manicure
/dʒɛl mænɪkjʊɹ/
a type of manicure that involves the use of special gel-based nail polishes cured with UV or LED light for a longer-lasting and chip-resistant finish
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