in harness
/ɪn hˈɑːɹnᵻs/
with one another to achieve an aim
to play ball with sb
/plˈeɪ bˈɔːl wɪð ˌɛsbˈiː/
to cooperate, work together, or engage in a mutually beneficial interaction or partnership with someone
to do one's bit / part
/dˈuː wˈʌnz bˈɪt pˈɑːɹt/
to fulfill one's share of responsibilities
more / greater / better than the sum of its parts
/mˈoːɹ ɡɹˈeɪɾɚ bˈɛɾɚ ðɐn ðə sˈʌm ʌv ɪts pˈɑːɹts/
surpassing in terms of quality or effectiveness when working as a whole rather than individually
to pull one's weight
/pˈʊl wˈʌnz wˈeɪt/
to complete one's responsibilities regarding a group task, project, work, etc.
partner in crime
/wˈʌnz pˈɑːɹtnɚɹ ɪn kɹˈaɪm/
two individuals who managed to plan and get something done together
hand and glove
/hˈænd ænd ɡlˈʌv/
used to describe a close and cooperative relationship between two people or parties, often with the goal of achieving a common objective
all hands on deck
/ˈɔːl hˈændz ˌɑːn dˈɛk/
used for saying that everyone's assistance is needed for a situation, particularly a difficult one
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