all in a day's work
/ˈɔːl ɪn ɐ dˈeɪz wˈɜːk/
something that is a typical or normal part of a person's job
in harness
/ɪn hˈɑːɹnᵻs/
used when one is back to doing one's job and normal activities at work, particularly after a leave or vacation
to mix business with pleasure
/mˈɪks bˈɪznəs wɪð plˈɛʒɚ/
to combine enjoyable activities with one's work
rat race
/ɹˈæt ɹˈeɪs/
a draining and stressful lifestyle that consists of constantly competing with others for success, wealth, power, etc. and so leaving no room for rest and pleasure
to talk shop
/tˈɔːk ʃˈɑːp/
to have work-related discussions outside of work, particularly when it is annoying or inappropriate
the right (hand) does not know what the left (hand) is doing
/ðə ɹˈaɪt hˈænd ɔːɹ dʌznˌɑːt nˈoʊ wˌʌt ðə lˈɛft hˈænd ɔːɹ ɪz dˈuːɪŋ/
used to refer to the lack of communication between the different parts of an organization about their roles or activities that leads to confusion and dysfunction
red tape
/ɹˈɛd tˈeɪp/
official procedures or rules that are unnecessary and time-consuming
to close the books
/klˈoʊs ðə bˈʊks/
to no longer make new entries when an accounting period is at its end
blood on the carpet
/blˈʌd ɑːnðə kˈɑːɹpɪt/
conflict between the people of an organization or company that leads to unpleasant situations
top dog
/tˈɑːp dˈɑːɡ/
the person, group, or organization with the most power, authority, success, or importance within a certain group or field
big mama
/bˈɪɡ mˈɑːmɐ/
a way of referring to the woman who is a leading member or the founder of an organization, movement, etc.
new kid on the block
/ðə nˈuː kˈɪd ɑːnðə blˈɑːk/
a person or thing that has recently joined a specific place, field, company, group, etc.
part of the furniture
/pˈɑːɹt ʌvðə fˈɜːnɪtʃɚ/
something or someone that has been at a place for so long that one no longer notices them
to run a tight ship
/ɹˈʌn ɐ tˈaɪt ʃˈɪp/
to control and manage an organization, group, business, etc. in a manner that is very strict, efficient, and effective
to fall out with one's bread and butter
/fˈɔːl ˈaʊt wɪð wˈʌnz bɹˈɛd ænd bˈʌɾɚ/
to have a disagreement with someone or something that provides one's primary source of income or livelihood
young blood
/jˈʌŋ blˈʌd/
a person, often young in age, that is newly admitted or employed so as to bring new ideas and excitement to an organization, group, etc.
golden years
/ɡˈoʊldən jˈɪɹz/
a period of retirement, usually in old age, when a person is free from work responsibilities and can enjoy the benefits of their lifetime achievements
dead-end job
/dˈɛdˈɛnd dʒˈɑːb/
a job that does not provide one with the chance to advance to a better position or job
busman's holiday
/bˈʌsmənz hˈɑːlɪdˌeɪ/
a period of leisure or vacation spent engaging in activities related to one's job or profession
new / fresh blood
/nˈuː blˈʌd/
people who are newly employed or admitted in order to provide the group, company, etc. with enthusiasm and new and exciting ideas
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