to tighten one's belt
/tˈaɪʔn̩ wˈʌnz bˈɛlt/
to lessen the amount of money or resources one uses compared to before, particularly due to having less available
to stretch one's legs according to the coverlet
/stɹˈɛtʃ wˈʌnz lˈɛɡz ɐkˈoːɹdɪŋ tə ðə kˈʌvɚlət/
to avoid spending more money than what one earns
to stretch one's arm no further than one's sleeve (will reach)
/stɹˈɛtʃ wˈʌnz ˈɑːɹm nˈoʊ ˌɛni fˈɜːðɚ ðɐn wˈʌnz slˈiːv wɪl ɹˈiːtʃ/
The origin of this idiom is not clear, but it likely developed from the idea of being cautious and not overreaching or attempting more than one can handle.
to throw good money after bad
/θɹˈoʊ ɡˈʊd mˈʌni ˈæftɚ bˈæd/
to continue to waste a lot of money on something that is not worth it
black hole
/blˈæk hˈoʊl/
a project, activity, business, etc. that uses a lot of money or resources without providing any results or profit
to have more money than sense
/hæv mˈoːɹ mˈʌni ðɐn sˈɛns/
to possess a significant amount of wealth but lack good judgment or wisdom in managing it
to live beyond one's means
/lˈaɪv bɪjˌɑːnd wˈʌnz mˈiːnz/
to spend in a way that exceeds one's income
to live within one's means
/lˈaɪv wɪðˌɪn wˈʌnz mˈiːnz/
to spend no more money than one has
to burn a hole in one's pocket
/mˈʌni bˈɜːn ɐ hˈoʊl ɪn wˈʌnz pˈɑːkɪt/
to have a strong desire to spend money quickly or impulsively, often resulting in reckless spending habits
to throw money out (of) the window
/θɹˈoʊ mˈʌni ˈaʊt ðə wˈɪndoʊ/
to wastefully and recklessly spend money
to spend money like water
/spˈɛnd mˈʌni lˈaɪk wˈɔːɾɚ/
to carelessly spend a great sum of money
to play ducks and drakes with sth
/plˈeɪ dˈʌks ænd dɹˈeɪks wɪð ˌɛstˌiːˈeɪtʃ/
to use or handle something in a wasteful and careless manner
nest egg
/nˈɛst ˈɛɡ/
money that is put aside as savings for the future or special occasions
high roller
/hˈaɪ ɹˈoʊlɚ/
someone that spends money in an extravagant way
to cut one's coat according to one's cloth
/kˈʌt wˈʌnz kˈoʊt ɐkˈoːɹdɪŋ tʊ wˈʌnz klˈɔθ/
to live in a way that does not exceed one's financial limitations
to have money to burn
/hæv mˈʌni tə bˈɜːn/
to have more money than one needs and waste it on unnecessary things
money pit
/mˈʌni pˈɪt/
used to refer to something on which one keeps spending more and more money
to scrimp and save / scrape
/skɹˈɪmp ænd sˈeɪv skɹˈeɪp/
to try to spend as little money as possible
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