used to refer to someone who is trying their best to prove that they are more intelligent compared to others, often in a way that is annoying
teacher's pet
/tˈiːtʃɚz pˈɛt/
someone who is considered the teacher's favorite student and therefore has advantage over others in the classroom
one's bark is worse than one's bite
/wˈʌnz bˈɑːɹk ɪz wˈɜːs ðɐn wˈʌnz bˈaɪt/
used for saying that someone may appear threatening or aggressive, but their actions or behavior are not as harmful or severe as their words
prim and proper
/pɹˈɪm ænd pɹˈɑːpɚ/
used to describe a person who behaves in a very traditional and morally conservative manner
Mrs. Grundy
/mˈɪsɪz ɡɹˈʌndi/
someone who is very strict and thinks in a very traditional way
to be all talk (and no action)
/biː ˈɔːl tˈɔːk ænd nˈoʊ ˈækʃən/
used to describe someone who continuously talks about what they are planning to do, but they never do or achieve much
backseat driver
/bˈæksiːt dɹˈaɪvɚ/
a person who insists on giving advice about something even though they are not forced to do so
apple polisher
/ˈæpəl pˈɑːlɪʃɚ/
a person who tries to gain the approval of important people by the means of flattery, praise, etc.
feet of clay
/fˈiːt ʌv klˈeɪ/
a serious flaw or weakness in one's character that other people are not aware of
all bark and no bite
/ˈɔːl bˈɑːɹk ænd nˈoʊ bˈaɪt/
used to describe a person who tends to say things that sound intimidating when in reality they are afraid to take action
to toot / blow one's (own) horn
/tˈuːt blˈoʊ wˈʌnz ˈoʊn hˈɔːɹn/
to praise one's own abilities or accomplishments, often in an exaggerated way
wise guy
/wˈaɪz ɡˈaɪ/
an individual who consistently seeks to appear more clever than others in a manner that can be bothersome
goody two shoes
/ɡˈʊdi tˈuː ʃˈuːz/
a person who tries hard to let others know that they always do the right thing and behave well
smart aleck
/smˈɑːɹt ɐlˈɛk/
an annoying individual who behaves as if they know everything
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