to grasp the nettle
/ɡɹˈæsp ðə nˈɛɾəl/
to take a direct and determined approach to a difficult or unpleasant task
to be good to go
/ɡˈʊd tə ɡˈoʊ/
(of a person) to be physically or mentally ready to get something done
to clear the decks
/klˈɪɹ ðə dˈɛks/
to get ready for action by removing physical and mental obstacles
to get the / this show on the road
/ɡɛt ðə ʃˈoʊ ɑːnðə ɹˈoʊd/
to start doing something in the way that was planned
to learn one's lesson
/lˈɜːn wˈʌnz lˈɛsən/
to gain knowledge after experiencing something painful or disastrous
to make one's move
/mˌeɪk wˈʌnz mˈuːv/
to take action on something that someone has planned to, often when they find the right time
to pull / get one's finger out
/pˈʊl ɡɛt wˈʌnz fˈɪŋɡɚɹ ˈaʊt/
to start working hard instead of hesitating and wondering around
to put sth down to experience
/pˌʊt ˌɛstˌiːˈeɪtʃ dˌaʊn tʊ ɛkspˈiəɹɪəns/
to learn from a failure, mistake, or unpleasant situation instead of feeling bad about it
to roll up one's sleeves
/ɹˈoʊl ˌʌp wˈʌnz slˈiːvz/
to prepare oneself for an intense or difficult task
to take the plunge
/tˈeɪk ðə plˈʌndʒ/
to devote one's time and energy to doing or finishing something one was nervous about
to walk before sb run
/wˈɔːk bɪfˌoːɹ ˌɛsbˈiː ɹˈʌn/
to start with small steps before tackling difficult tasks or challenges
from scratch
/fɹʌm skɹˈætʃ/
from the point at which something began
to make up for lost time
/mˌeɪk ˌʌp fɔːɹ lˈɔst tˈaɪm/
to enjoy an experience as much as one can, due to the lack of previous opportunity
on your mark
/ˌɑːn jʊɹ mˈɑːɹk/
a command given to the participants of a competition, particularly a race, to ready themselves
in the pipeline
/ɪnðə pˈaɪplaɪn/
at the planning, preparing, or developing stage
to get on the stick
/ɡɛt ɑːnðə stˈɪk/
to properly begin doing something that one was neglecting
to get / set / start the ball rolling
/ɡɛt sˈɛt stˈɑːɹt ðə bˈɔːl ɹˈoʊlɪŋ/
to start to do an activity, often in a way that is encouraging to others
to get / come to grips with sth
/ɡɛt kˈʌm tə ɡɹˈɪps wɪð ˌɛstˌiːˈeɪtʃ/
to start dealing with, understanding, or accepting something that is difficult
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