a fair shake
/ɐ fˈɛɹ ʃˈeɪk/
a chance or opportunity given to a person equally as othersa fair shake
to serve sb right
/sˈɜːv ˌɛsbˈiː ɹˈaɪt/
to receive an unfortunate consequence or punishment that one truly deserves as a result of one's wrong behavior
fair and square
/fˈɛɹ ænd skwˈɛɹ/
done honestly, justly, or without disobeying any rules
to put the saddle on the right horse
/pˌʊt ðə sˈædəl ɑːnðə ɹˈaɪt hˈɔːɹs/
to blame the right person or thing
on an equal footing
/ˌɑːn ɐn ˈiːkwəl fˈʊɾɪŋ/
of the same level, status, or position, without any advantage or disadvantage for one person, thing, or group over the other
to give the devil his / her due (in law)
/ɡˈɪv ðə dˈɛvəl hɪz ɔːɹ hɜː dˈuː ɪn lˈɔː ɔːɹ/
to acknowledge someone's positive qualities or actions, even if that person is generally unpleasant, evil, or disliked
above board
/əbˌʌv bˈoːɹd/
in a transparent, honest, and lawful manner
square deal
/skwˈɛɹ dˈiːl/
a fair and honest treatment
poetic justice
/poʊˈɛɾɪk dʒˈʌstɪs/
a situation in which one believes that an unfortunate event that has happened to someone is well deserved
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