upper crust
/ˌʌpɚ kɹˈʌst/
the people that are of the highest class in a society
above the salt
/əbˌʌv ðə sˈɑːlt/
(of people) of a rank or position that is high or honorable
below the salt
/bɪlˌoʊ ðə sˈɑːlt/
(of people) of a status, position, or reputation that is low
airs and graces
/ˈɛɹz ænd ɡɹˈeɪsᵻz/
an exaggerated or artificial display of superiority or elegance
blue blood
/blˈuː blˈʌd/
someone who is born in a family that is of noble rank or social prominence
fair-haired boy / girl
/fˈɛɹhˈɛɹd bˈɔɪ ɔːɹ ɡˈɜːl/
a person who is favored or treated with special privilege, often by someone in a position of authority
born in / to the purple
/bˈɔːɹn ɪn tʊ ðə pˈɜːpəl/
privileged by birth or family background
to be born with a silver spoon in one's mouth
/biː bˈɔːɹn wɪð ɐ sˈɪlvɚ spˈuːn ɪn wˈʌnz mˈaʊθ/
to be born into a wealthy or privileged family and having access to all the luxuries and comfort that comes with it
silver spoon
/sˈɪlvɚ spˈuːn/
wealth that is inherited to one from a royal or very rich family
the chattering class
/tʃˈæɾɚɹɪŋ klˈæs/
intellectuals, commentators, or influencers who are frequently talking or writing about public issues and current events but who may lack practical experience or political power
skid row
/skˈɪd ɹˈoʊ/
a poor area in a town or city in which a lot of homeless or drunk people live
the right side of the tracks
/ðə ɹˈaɪt sˈaɪd ʌvðə tɹˈæks/
a very safe and wealthy area in a city or town
worm's eye view
/wˈɜːmz ˈaɪ vjˈuː/
a perspective that emphasizes the view or situation of someone with lower status or authority
plum in one's mouth
/plˈʌm ɪn wˈʌnz mˈaʊθ/
a manner of speaking associated with wealth, social status, or formal education
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