Hobson's choice
/hˈɑːbsənz tʃˈɔɪs/
a choice made in a situation in which no other options were available
to pick and choose
/pˈɪk ænd tʃˈuːz/
‌to choose the most desirable alternative out of the ones available
the lesser of two evils
/ðə lˈɛsɚɹ ʌv tˈuː ˈiːvəlz/
a choice or option that seems less harmful or unpleasant out of two that one is confronted with
embarrassment of riches
/ɛmbˈæɹəsmənt ʌv ɹˈɪtʃᵻz/
a situation in which there is too much of resources or options for one to choose from
(as) broad as it is long
/æz bɹˈɔːd ˌæzɪtˌɪz lˈɑːŋ/
used for saying that choosing out of the two possible options is not really going to make a difference as the result will be the same either way
to have sb/sth in mind
/hæv ˌɛsbˈiː slˈæʃ ˌɛstˌiːˈeɪtʃ ɪn mˈaɪnd/
to consider someone or something when doing or mentioning something
to take / have one's pick
/tˈeɪk hæv wˈʌnz pˈɪk/
to choose something out of two or a group of things available to one
to come down on one side of the fence or the other
/kˈʌm dˌaʊn ˌɑːn wˈʌn sˈaɪd ʌvðə fˈɛns ɔːɹ ðɪ ˈʌðɚ/
to decide between two possible alternatives or choices that one has
to take sth into account
/tˈeɪk ˌɛstˌiːˈeɪtʃ ˌɪntʊ ɐkˈaʊnt/
to consider something when trying to make a judgment or decision
to chew one's cud
/tʃjˈuː wˈʌnz kˈʌd/
to spend time considering one's future action before making a decision
to go down that road
/ɡˌoʊ dˌaʊn ðæt ɹˈoʊd/
to make a decision about taking a particular course of action or doing something in a specified manner
in one's right mind
/ɪn hɪz ɹˈaɪt mˈaɪnd/
in a state that one is capable of making logical decisions or behaving normally
change of heart
/tʃˈeɪndʒ ʌv hˈɑːɹt/
the action of adopting a different opinion or mindset
on second thought
/ˌɑːn sˈɛkənd θˈɔːt/
used to state that one has adopted a different opinion
to change horses (in) midstream
/tʃˈeɪndʒ hˈɔːɹsᵻz ɪn mˈɪdstɹiːm/
to adopt a different policy in face of a difficult or unexpected problem
to take a (long) hard look at sth
/tˈeɪk ɐ lˈɑːŋ ɔːɹ hˈɑːɹd lˈʊk æt ˌɛstˌiːˈeɪtʃ/
to think about or consider something very carefully, particularly with the intention of improving it in mind
to change one's mind
/tʃˈeɪndʒ wˈʌnz mˈaɪnd/
to change one's opinion or decision regarding something
to give sth a pass
/ɡˈɪv ˌɛstˌiːˈeɪtʃ ɐ pˈæs/
to excuse or overlook something without criticism or consequences
to take matters / affairs / things into one's own hands
/tˈeɪk mˈæɾɚz ɔːɹ ɐfˈɛɹz ɔːɹ θˈɪŋz ˌɪntʊ wˈʌnz ˈoʊn hˈændz/
to do something oneself as opposed to waiting for others
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