to draw a blank
/dɹˈɔː ɐ blˈæŋk/
to be unable to remember something clearly
to have a memory / mind / head / brain like a sieve
/hæv ɐ mˈɛmɚɹi mˈaɪnd hˈɛd bɹˈeɪn lˈaɪk ɐ sˈɪv/
to often forget things due to one's exceptionally poor memory
time out of mind
/tˈaɪm ˌaʊɾəv mˈaɪnd/
a time so long ago that one has difficulty remembering clearly
to be on the tip of one's tongue
/biː ɑːnðə tˈɪp ʌv wˈʌnz tˈʌŋ/
to be very close to remembering or saying something but fail nevertheless
to slip one's mind / memory
/slˈɪp wˈʌnz mˈaɪnd mˈɛmɚɹi/
to be forgotten or disregarded
to forgive and forget
/fəɡˈɪv ænd fɚɡˈɛt/
to no longer be angry with someone who wronged one and act as if nothing happened
to go blank
/ɡˌoʊ blˈæŋk/
to fail to remeber what one previously knew
senior moment
/sˈiːnjɚ mˈoʊmənt/
temporary loss of memory that is experienced by some people when they get old
lost in the mists of time
/lˈɔst ɪnðə mˈɪsts ʌv tˈaɪm/
(of something that happened) really difficult to remember how long has passed since it happened to one
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