yoke around one’s neck
/jˈoʊk ɐɹˈaʊnd wˈʌnz nˈɛk/
something that is very burdensome or causes one great difficulty
to bat / be on a sticky wicket
/bˈæt biː ˌɑːn ɐ stˈɪki wˈɪkɪt/
to be dealing with a critical or extremely difficult situation
to be in for
/bˈiː ɪn fɔːɹ/
to be expecting something difficult or undesirable to happen
to batten down the hatches
/bˈæʔn̩ dˌaʊn ðə hˈætʃᵻz/
to get ready for trouble, difficulty, or danger
be a man
/biː ɐ mˈæn/
said to man as a way of asking them to behave less emotional, more though, or more responsible in face of difficulties
Black Monday
/blˈæk mˈʌndeɪ/
used to refer to any Monday on which an unpleasant event takes place
to catch a Tartar
/kˈætʃ ɐ tˈɑːɹɾɚ/
to get into a confrontation with a person or thing that is more powerful than what one assumed
dog's life
/dˈɑːɡz lˈaɪf/
a miserable life filled with difficulties and misfortune
to go through hell
/ɡˌoʊ θɹuː hˈɛl/
to experience something that is extremely painful or difficult, particularly for a long time
in deep water
/ɪn dˈiːp wˈɔːɾɚ/
in trouble or a very difficult situation
to make do
/mˌeɪk dˈuː/
to manage to continue doing something with only few available means or resources
pretty pass
/pɹˈɪɾi pˈæs/
a situation or state that is very undesirable or difficult
the weight of the world
/ðə wˈeɪt ʌvðə wˈɜːld/
a worrisome or difficult responsibility or undertaking that is a burden to one
welcome to my world
/wˈɛlkʌm tə maɪ wˈɜːld/
said to mean that one has frequently been experiencing something difficult or unpleasant that was just mentioned
to put years on sb
/pˌʊt jˈɪɹz ˌɑːn ˌɛsbˈiː/
(particularly of an event or a difficult situation) to cause a lot of suffering to someone and make them look or feel much older
to rear / raise its (ugly) head
/ɹˈɪɹ ɹˈeɪz ɪts ˈʌɡli hˈɛd/
(of an unpleasant, difficult, or unexpected problem) to leave one no option but to deal with it
high and dry
/hˈaɪ ænd dɹˈaɪ/
(of a person) placed in a difficult situation with little or no resources or help
in the eye of the storm
/ɪnðɪ ˈaɪ ʌvðə stˈoːɹm/
used to refer to being in the middle of a chaotic or controversial situation while maintaining a sense of control
to the party is over
/ðə pˈɑːɹɾi ɪz ˈoʊvɚ/
used to say that a period of happiness, enjoyment, etc. has come to an end and one's life is going to get back to the state it previously was, if not worse
face to face
/fˈeɪs tə fˈeɪs/
in an inevitable confrontation with an unpleasant or difficult situation
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