to be a big if
/biː ɐ bˈɪɡ ɪf/
to be a condition or requirement that is uncertain or potentially challenging to fulfill
cock-and-bull story
/kˈɑːkændbˈʊl stˈoːɹi/
a story that seems impossible, particularly one that is used as an excuse
do not make me laugh
/duːnˌɑːt mˌeɪk mˌiː lˈæf/
used to tell someone that one cannot take their statement or suggestion seriously
forget that noise
/fɚɡˈɛt ðæt nˈɔɪz/
used to express anger and the fact that someone does not care about someone or something
you will be (so) lucky
/juː wɪl biː sˌoʊ lˈʌki/
used to emphasize the fact that someone's expectations or wishes are very unlikely to be fulfilled
I will eat my hat
/aɪ wɪl ˈiːt maɪ hˈæt/
used to say that one does not think that something will ever happen or has any chance of being true
to cast beyond the moon
/kˈæst bɪjˌɑːnd ðə mˈuːn/
to think about unlikely and unrealistic possibilities
too good to be true
/tˈuː ɡˈʊd təbi tɹˈuː/
used to refer to something that exceeds one's expectations in such ways that makes it hard to believe
long shot
/lˈɑːŋ ʃˈɑːt/
an attempt made without having any high hopes of achieving success
if all else fails
/ɪf ˈɔːl ˈɛls fˈeɪlz/
if all the other options prove fruitless
crock of gold
/kɹˈɑːk ʌv ɡˈoʊld/
a treasure or large sum of money that is impossible or extremely hard to obtain
(at) the end of the rainbow
/æt ðɪ ˈɛnd ʌvðə ɹˈeɪnboʊ/
used to refer to something that is extremely desirable yet nearly impossible to obtain
jam tomorrow
/dʒˈæm təmˈɔːɹoʊ/
a promise of something good or desirable that will never be fulfilled
to swing for the fences
/swˈɪŋ fɚðə fˈɛnsᵻz/
to aim for goals that are unrealistic or extremely difficult to achieve
pigs can / might fly
/pˈɪɡz kæn mˌaɪt flˈaɪ/
used to express one's disbelief about something happening or being true
pipe dream
/pˈaɪp dɹˈiːm/
an impractical or impossible idea, plan, or wish
ghost of a chance
/ɡˈoʊst əvə tʃˈæns/
the slightest chance of succeeding or happening
to live / be in a dream world
/lˈaɪv ɔːɹ biː ɪn ɐ dɹˈiːm wˈɜːld/
to have hopes or ideas that are impractical or impossible
to promise sb the moon / earth / world
/pɹˈɑːmɪs ˌɛsbˈiː ðə mˈuːn ˈɜːθ wˈɜːld/
to make promises that are impossible to be fulfilled or be kept
to not look back
/nˌɑːt lˈʊk bˈæk/
to have no desire or intention to return to past circumstances
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