to kick one's feet up
/kˈɪk wˈʌnz fˈiːt ˈʌp/
to lie on a sofa, bed, etc. in order to become less tense or anxious
to smell the roses
/smˈɛl ðə ɹˈoʊzᵻz/
to take moment to relax and appreciate what life has to offer, particularly when one is feeling overwhelmed
second wind
/sˈɛkənd wˈɪnd/
the renewal of one's energy or endurance that allows one to continue or start over a physical exertion
to catch one's breath
/kˈætʃ wˈʌnz bɹˈɛθ/
to put an stop to any activity one was doing in order to take a short break and relax a bit
to max and relax
/mˈæks ænd ɹɪlˈæks/
to give one's best effort in work or activities, followed by taking time to rest
to recharge one's batteries
/ɹɪtʃˈɑːɹdʒ wˈʌnz bˈæɾɚɹiz/
to relax and take a rest in order to recover one's lost energy
to stretch one's legs
/stɹˈɛtʃ wˈʌnz lˈɛɡz/
to go for a walk, particularly after spending a long time sitting in one spot
to let oneself go
/lˈɛt wʌnsˈɛlf ɡˈoʊ/
to behave in a way one desires without worrying about other's opinions
to let one's hair down
/lˈɛt wˈʌnz hˈɛɹ dˈaʊn/
to behave in a comfortable manner, without worrying about one's problems or other people's opinions
to blow / clear away the cobwebs
/blˈoʊ ɔːɹ klˈɪɹ ɐwˈeɪ ðə kˈɑːbwɛbz/
to refresh oneself, usually by going outside or doing some physical activities
ready / fit to drop
/ɹˈɛdi fˈɪt tə dɹˈɑːp/
fully drained of strength and energy
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