carrot and stick
/kˈæɹət ænd stˈɪk/
a type of system that rewards individuals for some of their actions and punishes or threatens them for some of their other actions
to offer sb a carrot
/ˈɑːfɚ ˌɛsbˈiː ɐ kˈæɹət/
to make effort to convince an individual to do something for one by offering a reward for their action
to dangle a carrot in front of sb
/dˈæŋɡəl ɐ kˈæɹət ɪn fɹˈʌnt ʌv ˌɛsbˈiː/
to make someone excited about doing something by promising them a reward
to talk / knock (some) sense into sb
/tˈɔːk ɔːɹ nˈɑːk sˌʌm ɔːɹ sˈɛns ˌɪntʊ ˌɛsbˈiː/
to make someone start thinking sensibly by the means of help or persuasion
fast talker
/fˈæst tˈɔːkɚ/
a person who is good at using words to convince or trick others into doing what they want
to twist one's arm
/twˈɪst sˈʌmwʌnz ˈɑːɹm/
to force or persuade someone to do something they are unwilling to do
to shove / force / ram sth down one's throat
/ʃˈʌv fˈoːɹs ɹˈæm ˌɛstˌiːˈeɪtʃ dˌaʊn wˈʌnz θɹˈoʊt/
to compel someone to accept one’s ideas and beliefs, especially in an annoying way
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