on / to the back burner
/ˌɑːn tʊ ðə bˈæk bˈɜːnɚ/
used to say that something is being ignored or postponed because it lacks urgency or importance
on / to the front burner
/ˌɑːn tʊ ðə fɹˈʌnt bˈɜːnɚ/
of an extremely high priority or importance
to have bigger / better / other fish to fry / catch
/hæv bˈɪɡɚ bˈɛɾɚɹ ˈʌðɚ fˈɪʃ tʊ fɹˈaɪ kˈætʃ/
to have more interesting or important matters to deal with
to get down to brass tacks
/ɡɛt dˌaʊn tə bɹˈæs tˈæks/
to begin talking about basic or important facts of a situation
back to (the) basics
/bˈæk tʊ ðə bˈeɪsɪks/
used when one has to focus on the simplest and most important facts of a situation, particularly those that one was ignoring, in order to get the intended result
second banana
/sˈɛkənd bɐnˈænə/
an individual who is not as important or influential as someone else in an organization
second fiddle
/sˈɛkənd fˈɪdəl/
a person who does not receive as much attention or is not as influential as someone else in a group or organization
to take a back seat
/tˈeɪk ɐ bˈæksiːt/
to be placed in a less important or weaker position compared to that of someone else
first things first
/fˈɜːst θˈɪŋz fˈɜːst/
used to state that there are more important things that one must do or consider before trying to deal with other things
(at the) top of the agenda / list
/æt ðə tˈɑːp ʌvðə ɐdʒˈɛndə lˈɪst/
in the position of utmost importance or high priority
the last thing on one's mind
/ðə lˈæst θˈɪŋ ˌɑːn wˈʌnz mˈaɪnd/
something that is not being thought about or considered, often due to more pressing or immediate concerns
second best
/sˈɛkənd bˈɛst/
an alternative that is not as fulfilling or desirable as other options that one has
to fall / drop by the wayside
/fˈɔːl ɔːɹ dɹˈɑːp baɪ ðə wˈeɪsaɪd/
to not have the same importance or urgency as something else
to set great store by sth
/sˈɛt ɡɹˈeɪt stˈoːɹ baɪ ˌɛstˌiːˈeɪtʃ/
to see something as extremely necessary or important
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