to give sb a piece of one's mind
/ɡˈɪv ˌɛsbˈiː ɐ pˈiːs ʌv wˈʌnz mˈaɪnd/
to let someone know that their bad behavior made one annoyed or angry
to get out of one's face
/ɡɛt ˌaʊɾəv wˈʌnz fˈeɪs/
to no longer bother someone and leave them alone
to fight like cats and dogs
/fˈaɪt lˈaɪk kˈæts ænd dˈɑːɡz/
to continuously fight or argue over someone or something
to come down on sb like a ton of bricks
/kˈʌm dˌaʊn ˌɑːn ˌɛsbˈiː lˈaɪk ɐ tˈʌn ʌv bɹˈɪks/
to punish someone in a manner more violent or severe than they deserve
bone of contention
/bˈoʊn ʌv kəntˈɛnʃən/
a subject over which people disagree
to bite / snap one's head off
/bˈaɪt snˈæp wˈʌnz hˈɛd ˈɔf/
to angrily reply or react to someone
at loggerheads
/æt lˈɔɡɚhˌɛdz/
in serious disagreement with someone
at each other's throats
/æt ˈiːtʃ ˈʌðɚz θɹˈoʊts/
used when two or more people, groups, or organizations fight or disagree with one another
at daggers drawn
/æt dˈæɡɚz dɹˈɔːn/
(of two people, groups, countries, etc.) in a state of conflict or hostility toward each other
to chew sb up and spit sb out
/tʃjˈuː ˌɛsbˈiː ˌʌp ænd spˈɪt ˌɛsbˈiː ˈaʊt/
to completely defeat someone, leaving them feeling overwhelmed or powerless
to bring the hammer down
/bɹˈɪŋ ðə hˈæmɚ dˈaʊn/
to criticize or punish someone very harshly
to trade punches
/tɹˈeɪd pˈʌntʃᵻz/
to engage in a verbal conflict by exchanging criticisms, insults, etc.
to talk trash
/tˈɔːk tɹˈæʃ/
to say offensive, criticizing, or rude things to someone, particularly one's opponent, to make them less confident
enough is enough
/ɪnˈʌf ɪz ɪnˈʌf/
used to indicate that a situation has reached a point where it is no longer tolerable or acceptable, and it is time for it to stop or change
on a collision course
/ˌɑːn ɐ kəlˈɪʒən kˈoːɹs/
in a situation that is likely to cause a disagreement or fight
to put / set / throw the cat among the pigeons
/pˌʊt sˈɛt θɹˈoʊ ðə kˈæt ɐmˌʌŋ ðə pˈɪdʒənz/
to do something that will become troublesome later on
in the dog house
/ɪnðə dˈɑːɡ hˈaʊs/
in a situation in which someone is very upset or angry with one for having or not having done something
to take / bring sb down a notch (or two)
/tˈeɪk bɹˈɪŋ ˌɛsbˈiː dˌaʊn ɐ nˈɑːtʃ ɔːɹ tˈuː/
to put down or humiliate a person who is too proud or self-righteous
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