wild and woolly
/wˈaɪld ænd wˈʊli/
(of an experience) filled with excitement and craziness
to come to life
/kˈʌm tə lˈaɪf/
to become lively and energetic
to be all fun and games
/biː ˈɔːl fˈʌn ænd ɡˈeɪmz/
to be extremely pleasant or enjoyable
like bees to / around a honeypot
/lˈaɪk bˈiːz tə ɹˈaʊnd ɐ hˈʌnɪpˌɑːt/
used to refer to a situation in which something appears very attractive to a certain group of people and makes them crave it despite its potential dangers
more fun than a barrel (full) of monkeys
/mˈoːɹ fˈʌn ðˌænə bˈæɹəl fˈʊl ʌv mˈʌnkɪz/
describing a situation, activity, or experience that is extremely enjoyable, entertaining, or amusing
Canterbury tale
/kˈæntɚbˌɛɹi tˈeɪl/
a story marked by being too long or dull
you have not lived
/juː hɐvnˌɑːt lˈɪvd/
used to strongly recommend someone to experience a particular thing
music to one's ears
/mjˈuːzɪk tʊ wˈʌnz ˈɪɹz/
something that brings great joy or satisfaction to someone
feast for / to the eyes‌ / ears
/fˈiːst fɔːɹ ɔːɹ tə ðɪ ˈaɪz ɔːɹ ˈɪɹz/
something that is very pleasant to one's eyes or ears
heaven on / upon Earth
/hˈɛvən ˌɑːn əpˌɑːn ˈɜːθ/
a situation or experience that is so blissful, joyful, or perfect that it feels like a piece of heaven or paradise has been brought down to earth
(as) dull as dishwater
/æz ɔːɹ dˈʌl æz dˈɪʃwɔːɾɚ/
extremely boring or uninteresting
all the rage
/ˈɔːl ðə ɹˈeɪdʒ/
of the utmost interest or popularity for a specified time
to bore sb to tears
/bˈoːɹ ˌɛsbˈiː tə tˈɛɹz/
to make someone feel extremely bored, irritated, or frustrated, particularly by talking too much or doing things that annoys them
to bore the pants off sb
/bˈoːɹ ðə pˈænts ˈɔf ˌɛsbˈiː/
to make someone feel extremely bored
a wet weekend
/ɐ wˈɛt wiːkˈɛnd/
a dull, boring, or disappointing experience or person
(as) dry as dust
/æz dɹˈaɪ æz dˈʌst/
extremely lacking in emotion, interest, or excitement
a barrel of laughs / fun
/ɐ bˈæɹəl ʌv lˈæfz fˈʌn/
a person or thing that is considered a source of fun or entertainment for others
one-horse town
(of a town) boring and small, with nothing interesting happening
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