face only a mother could love
/fˈeɪs ˈoʊnli ɐ mˈʌðɚ kʊd lˈʌv/
an extremely hideous and unpleasant face
face that would / could stop a clock
/fˈeɪs ðæt wʊd ɔːɹ kʊd stˈɑːp ɐ klˈɑːk/
an extremely ugly and unlikable face
face like a bulldog chewing a wasp
/fˈeɪs lˈaɪk ɐ bˈʊldɑːɡ tʃjˈuːɪŋ ɐ wˈɑːsp/
a person's facial expression that reflects a combination of anger and annoyance
to look a sight
/lˈʊk ɐ sˈaɪt/
to have a very awful and untidy appearance
shanks' mare
/ʃˈæŋks mˈɛɹ/
the use of one's own legs as the mode of travel
(as) red as a beet
/æz ɹˈɛd æz ɐ bˈiːt/
used for describing a person whose face has turned very red because of hot temperature
(as) white as a ghost / sheet
/æz wˈaɪt æz ɐ ɡˈoʊst ʃˈiːt/
used to refer to someone who looks unnaturally pale, often as a result of fear or illness
mouse potato
/mˈaʊs pətˈeɪɾoʊ/
a person who spends excessive amounts of time using a computer, particularly for activities such as browsing the internet, playing video games, or engaging in social media
face like thunder
/fˈeɪs lˈaɪk θˈʌndɚ/
a person's face when it shows clear signs of anger or hostility
to have a good / healthy pair of lungs
/hæv ɐ ɡˈʊd hˈɛlθi pˈɛɹ ʌv lˈʌŋz/
to have a strong and powerful voice, typically indicating one's ability to speak loudly, assertively, or with great enthusiasm or one's talent for singing with clarity
(as) ugly as a toad
/æz ˈʌɡli æz ɐ tˈoʊd/
(of a person) having an appearance that is in no way pleasant to the eye
vertically challenged
/vˈɜːɾɪkli tʃˈælɪndʒd/
a person of short stature
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