like a dog
/lˈaɪk ɐ dˈɑːɡ/
in a manner that requires a lot of effort
to go to / take (great) pains to do sth
/ɡˌoʊ tə tˈeɪk ɡɹˈeɪt pˈeɪnz tə dˈuː ˌɛstˌiːˈeɪtʃ/
to put a lot of care and effort into doing something
to pound the pavement
/pˈaʊnd ðə pˈeɪvmənt/
to actively and tirelessly search for employment or other opportunities
to work one's fingers to the bone
/wˈɜːk wˈʌnz fˈɪŋɡɚz tə ðə bˈoʊn/
to work excessively or to the point of exhaustion
to hit the books
/hˈɪt ðə bˈʊks/
to study in a determined and serious manner
to put salt on the tail of sb/sth
/pˌʊt sˈɑːlt ɑːnðə tˈeɪl ʌv ˌɛsbˈiː slˈæʃ ˌɛstˌiːˈeɪtʃ/
to make an attempt to capture someone or achieve something
to not do things / anything by halves
/nˌɑːt dˈuː θˈɪŋz ˈɛnɪθˌɪŋ baɪ hˈævz/
to put a lot of effort into things and do them thoroughly
back-room boy
/bˈækɹˈuːm bˈɔɪ/
someone who is highly productive or beneficial to an organization, but is unknown or unnoticed by the public
to explore all avenues
/ɛksplˈoːɹ ˈɔːl ˈævənˌuːz/
to consider all possible options or approaches in order to find a solution or achieve a goal
to rise to the occasion / challenge
/ɹˈaɪz tə ðə əkˈeɪʒən tʃˈælɪndʒ/
to demonstrate one's ability in surpassing obstacles and dealing with difficult situations
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