to spare / save one's blushes
/spˈɛɹ sˈeɪv wˈʌnz blˈʌʃᵻz/
to avoid doing or saying something that would embarrass someone
to make a spectacle of oneself
/mˌeɪk ɐ spˈɛktəkəl ʌv wʌnsˈɛlf/
to behave in a very foolish and embarrassing way in the presence of others
the ground / floor / earth open up and swallow sb
/ðə ɡɹˈaʊnd flˈoːɹ ˈɜːθ ˈoʊpən ˌʌp ænd swˈɑːloʊ ˌɛsbˈiː/
used to wish that one could disappear or not have existed at all so as not to have to tolerate such embarrassment
(as) red as a beet
/æz ɹˈɛd æz ɐ bˈiːt/
turning red in the face out of embarrassment
(as) red as a cherry
/æz ɔːɹ ɹˈɛd æz ɐ tʃˈɛɹi/
used to describe someone who is extremely red in the face due to embarrassment
to swallow one's pride
/swˈɑːloʊ wˈʌnz pɹˈaɪd/
to have no choice but to do something that is embarrassing in one's standards
to put one's foot in one's mouth
/pˌʊt wˈʌnz fˈʊt ɪn wˈʌnz mˈaʊθ/
to do or say something that leads to someone's embarrassment
egg on / all over one's face
/hæv ɡɛt ˈɛɡ ˌɑːn ˈɔːl ˌoʊvɚ wˈʌnz fˈeɪs/
a situation in which one is badly embarrassed because of what one did or said
to eat dirt
/ˈiːt dˈɜːt/
to regret or feel bad about what one has said earlier
to eat humble pie
/ˈiːt hˈʌmbəl pˈaɪ/
to admit one's mistakes or accept a humiliating situation or defeat
red in the face
/ɹˈɛd ɪnðə fˈeɪs/
feeling severely ashamed or embarrassed
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