in a fit of pique
/ɪn ɐ fˈɪt ʌv pˈiːk/
(of an action) done due to one's pride being hurt or not being treated well
to spin / spiral out of control
/spˈɪn spˈaɪɚɹəl ˌaʊɾəv kəntɹˈoʊl/
(of a situation) to keep getting worse in an uncontrollable manner
wild and woolly
/wˈaɪld ænd wˈʊli/
(of behavior) not in accordance with law and order and free from control
on the spur of the moment
/ɑːnðə spˈɜːɹ ʌvðə mˈoʊmənt/
without any prior planning or thought
in the heat of the moment
/ɪnðə hˈiːt ʌvðə mˈoʊmənt/
at a time when anger or excitement completely overwhelm one, preventing any rational thought to come to mind
to be beside oneself
/biː bɪsˌaɪd wʌnsˈɛlf/
to find it extremely difficult to control oneself, due to feeling really angry, excited, etc.
in the lap of the gods / god
/ɪnðə lˈæp ʌvðə ɡˈɑːdz ɔːɹ ɡˈɑːd/
used to say that a situation or outcome is beyond human control or influence, and is left to fate, chance, or external forces to determine
to let one's heart rule one's head
/lˈɛt wˈʌnz hˈɑːɹt ɹˈuːl wˈʌnz hˈɛd/
to make a decision to do something solely based on one's emotions
to get / have the best / better of sb/sth
/ɡɛt hæv ðə bˈɛst bˈɛɾɚ ʌv ˌɛsbˈiː slˈæʃ ˌɛstˌiːˈeɪtʃ/
to be unable to conceal one's strong feeling or urge
the tail wagging the dog
/ðə tˈeɪl wˈæɡɪŋ ðə dˈɑːɡ/
used to refer to a situation in which a person or thing that is important or powerful is being led or controlled by a significantly less powerful or important person or thing
(stark) raving mad / bonkers
/stˈɑːɹk ɹˈeɪvɪŋ mˈæd bˈɑːŋkɚz/
(of a person) completely insane
to go to pieces
/ɡˌoʊ tə pˈiːsᵻz/
to be unable to control oneself due to being under emotional or mental pressure
off the rails
/ˈɔf ðə ɹˈeɪlz/
used to say that something is out of control, chaotic, or unpredictable
to cut loose
/kˈʌt lˈuːs/
to behave in a very wild and uncontrollable manner
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