small dog, tall weeds
/smˈɔːl dˈɑːɡ tˈɔːl wˈiːdz/
used to describe a person who seems to be incapable of doing something due to a lack of necessary resources or skills
for a toffee
/fɚɹə tˈɑːfiː/
used to say that someone is extremely bad at doing something
one-trick pony
/wˈʌntɹˈɪk pˈoʊni/
a person or thing that excels at doing only one thing
out of practice
/ˌaʊɾəv pɹˈæktɪs/
used to say that one did not have much experience with something and therefore is not very good at it
wet behind the ears
/wˈɛt bɪhˌaɪnd ðɪ ˈɪɹz/
having little knowledge or experience of a particular situation or activity
to lose one's touch
/lˈuːz wˈʌnz tˈʌtʃ/
to no longer be able to do a certain activity as well as one did in the past
to not (even) know the meaning of the word
/nˌɑːt ˈiːvən ɔːɹ nˈoʊ ðə mˈiːnɪŋ ʌvðə wˈɜːd/
to lack knowledge or understanding of a particular concept or term
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