like pulling teeth
/lˈaɪk pˈʊlɪŋ tˈiːθ/
used to refer to something that is inexplicably difficult
teething problems / troubles
/tˈiːðɪŋ pɹˈɑːbləmz tɹˈʌbəlz/
problems that a person encounters in the early stages of a project or activity
like Chinese arithmetic
/lˈaɪk tʃaɪnˈiːz ɐɹˈɪθmətˌɪk/
said of something that is very complex or difficult for one understands or work with
to be murder
/biː mˈɜːdɚ/
(of a task) to be very difficult or almost impossible to do or complete
uphill battle
/ʌphˈɪl bˈæɾəl/
a difficult fight or challenge that requires a lot of effort and determination
herculean task
/hˈɜːkjʊlˌiən tˈæsk/
a task or challenge that requires an immense amount of effort, strength, or endurance to accomplish
heavy going
/hˈɛvi ɡˈoʊɪŋ/
a difficult and challenging situation or task that requires significant effort to overcome or complete
a tough / hard row to hoe
/ɐ tˈʌf hˈɑːɹd ɹˈoʊ tə hˈoʊ/
used for referring to a situation that causes difficulties for one
to bite off more than sb can / could chew
/bˈaɪt ˈɔf mˈoːɹ ðɐn ˌɛsbˈiː kæn kʊd tʃjˈuː/
to attempt to do something that is beyond one's capability
(as) red as a cherry
/æz ɔːɹ ɹˈɛd æz ɐ tʃˈɛɹi/
turning really red in the face because of doing a lot of physical activities
like herding cats
/lˈaɪk hˈɜːdɪŋ kˈæts/
used to describe a job or task that is too difficult or challenging
draft-mule work
/dɹˈæftmjˈuːl wˈɜːk/
the hardest or most boring part of a task or job
the deep end
/ðə dˈiːp ˈɛnd/
a situation that is very difficult because one is not prepared to deal with it
to shoot one's bolt
/ʃˈuːt wˈʌnz bˈoʊlt/
to be unable to continue doing something because one has used all one's resources
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