silver bullet
/sˈɪlvɚ bˈʊlɪt/
a simple and effective solution to a difficult problem
fast track
/fˈæst tɹˈæk/
the quick and direct path to achieving a goal or completing a project
to throw money at sth
/θɹˈoʊ mˈʌni æt ˌɛstˌiːˈeɪtʃ/
to try to solve one's problem by spending money on it
to grasp / clutch at straws
/ɡɹˈæsp klˈʌtʃ æt stɹˈɔːz/
to be willing to do whatever necessary to improve one's current situation, regardless of one's chance of success
to come out in the wash
/kˈʌm ˈaʊt ɪnðə wˈɑːʃ/
to eventually resolve without intervention, typically after a period of time
to weather the storm
/wˈɛðɚ ðə stˈoːɹm/
to manage to go through a difficulty without many consequences
to do the job
/dˈuː ðə dʒˈɑːb/
to succeed in achieving the required result or solving the encountered problem
every trick in the book
/ˈɛvɹi tɹˈɪk ɪnðə bˈʊk/
referring to every possible method or strategy to achieve a goal, even if they are deceitful or unethical
quick fix
/kwˈɪk fˈɪks/
an immediate solution that offers temporary relief or improvement to a problem without addressing the root cause
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