assistant's revenge
/ɐsˈɪstənts ɹɪvˈɛndʒ/
a magic trick where the assistant appears to take control over the magician in a surprising or humorous way
bill in lemon
/bˈɪl ɪn lˈɛmən/
a magic trick where a borrowed bill or object appears inside a lemon, creating a surprising effect
bullet catch
/bˈʊlɪt kˈætʃ/
a dangerous magic trick where a performer catches a fired bullet, often with their hand or mouth, for thrilling effect
predicament escape
/pɹɪdˈɪkəmənt ɛskˈeɪp/
a magic trick where a performer escapes from a dangerous or challenging situation using skill, technique, or props, creating a suspenseful performance
Chinese linking rings
/tʃaɪnˈiːz lˈɪŋkɪŋ ɹˈɪŋz/
a classic magic trick where metal rings are visibly linked and unlinked by a magician, creating a mesmerizing display of visual magic
dove pan
/dˈʌv pˈæn/
a magic prop used to produce a live dove or small animal from an apparently empty container, often with fire or other theatrical effects
a magical incantation or word used in performances to create wonder, often accompanied by gestures or actions
thumb tip
/θˈʌm tˈɪp/
a hollow, flesh-colored plastic tip used in magic tricks to conceal and produce small objects for surprising effects
a term used in magic for a prop or bag used to carry and organize a magician's props, typically small items, for organized performances
a hidden pocket or pouch used in magic tricks to secretly conceal and produce objects for surprising effects
platform magic
/plˈætfɔːɹm mˈædʒɪk/
a type of performance using larger props and illusions on a raised stage, typically for larger audiences in theatrical settings
Indian rope trick
/ˈɪndiən ɹˈoʊp tɹˈɪk/
a legendary magic trick involving a rope suspended in mid-air, creating an impossible and mysterious effect
Miser's Dream
/mˈaɪzɚz dɹˈiːm/
a classic magic trick where a magician produces an seemingly endless amount of coins from thin air, creating a surprising and visually stunning effect
table of death
/tˈeɪbəl ʌv dˈɛθ/
a magic illusion where sharp objects are passed through or around a performer lying on a table, creating a thrilling spectacle
Ambitious Card
/æmbˈɪʃəs kˈɑːɹd/
a classic card magic routine where a chosen card repeatedly rises to the top of the deck despite being placed in the middle, creating a visually impressive and surprising effect
Zarrow shuffle
/zˈæɹoʊ ʃˈʌfəl/
a popular false shuffle used in card magic to create the illusion of shuffling while keeping the cards in their original order, named after its creator, Herb Zarrow
three-card trick
/θɹˈiːkˈɑːɹd tɹˈɪk/
a game in which three cards are laid face down and the players who guess the queen card right win the money that all the players had bet
scotch and soda
/skˈɑːtʃ ænd sˈoʊdə/
a classic magic trick that involves a seemingly impossible transposition of a coin and a miniature coin in a spectator's hands, creating a surprising and baffling effect
hot foil trick
/hˈɑːt fˈɔɪl tɹˈɪk/
a magic routine that uses a heated tool to create an illusion of writing or drawing appearing on paper, metal, or other surfaces, creating a visually stunning and mystifying effect
a magic prop that is a stretchable and animated cloth used for tricks and routines that create a playful and entertaining effect
French drop
/fɹˈɛntʃ dɹˈɑːp/
a classic coin manipulation technique in magic where a coin appears to be transferred from one hand to another, but is secretly retained in the original hand
floating match
/flˈoʊɾɪŋ mˈætʃ/
a classic magic trick where a matchstick appears to defy gravity and levitate in mid-air, creating a visual illusion of it floating without any visible means of support
detachable thumb
/dɪtˈætʃəbəl θˈʌm/
a magic prop that creates the illusion of a thumb being detached and reattached, allowing for various tricks and routines
cups and balls
/kˈʌps ænd bˈɔːlz/
a classic magic routine where small balls appear, vanish, and translocate under three cups, creating a captivating display of skill and misdirection
Asrah levitation
/ɐsɹˈɑː lˌɛvɪtˈeɪʃən/
a dramatic illusion where a person appears to levitate and then dematerialize while covered by a cloth, creating a mysterious and otherworldly effect
the hypothetical ability to instantly transport matter from one place to another without physically moving it through space
the phenomenon of a person or thing rising into the air by apparently supernatural means
stage magic
/stˈeɪdʒ mˈædʒɪk/
illusions and tricks performed on a theatrical stage with grand-scale props, lighting, and stagecraft for a captivating audience experience
close-up magic
/klˈoʊsˌʌp mˈædʒɪk/
***magic performed in an intimate setting usually no more than 3 meters from one's audience and is usually performed while sitting at a table.
the study of methods of escaping (especially as a form of entertainment)
a form of magic that involves feats of mind reading, psychic abilities, and psychological manipulation to create the illusion of extraordinary mental powers
theatrical seance
/θiːˈætɹɪkəl sˈeɪəns/
a staged or performed event that simulates a spiritualistic gathering or communication with the spirits of the deceased
street magic
/stɹˈiːt mˈædʒɪk/
a form of close-up magic performed in public places, such as streets, parks, or other outdoor settings, usually for unsuspecting audiences
a type of magic act in which performers rapidly change costumes or appearance in a seemingly impossible or instantaneous manner
four coin matrix
/fˈoːɹ kˈɔɪn mˈeɪtɹɪks/
a close-up magic routine where four small objects, usually coins, appear to magically move and gather together under the performer's hands, creating a visually captivating effect
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