fate leads the willing and drags along the unwilling
/fˈeɪt lˈiːdz ðə wˈɪlɪŋ ænd dɹˈæɡz ɐlˈɑːŋ ðɪ ʌnwˈɪlɪŋ/
used to imply that while fate may guide people towards their destined path, their willingness to cooperate with their circumstances and take action can greatly impact the outcomes they experience
if it is meant to be, it will be
/ɪf ɪt ɪz mˈɛnt tə bˈiː ɪt wɪl bˈiː/
used to imply that some things are beyond human control and that events will unfold according to a predetermined plan or fate
if you are born to be hanged, then you will never be drowned
/ɪf juː ɑːɹ bˈɔːɹn təbi hˈæŋd ðˈɛn juː wɪl nˈɛvɚ biː dɹˈaʊnd/
used to emphasize that a person's fate is predetermined and unchangeable, and that they will inevitably experience the fate that has been determined for them
man proposes, heaven / God disposes
/mˈæn pɹəpˈoʊzᵻz hˈɛvən ɡˈɑːd dɪspˈoʊzᵻz/
used to suggest that while people can make plans and decisions, ultimately the outcome of events is determined by fate or a higher power
you plan and God laughs
/juː plˈæn ænd ɡˈɑːd lˈæfz/
used to imply that despite one's careful planning and preparations, unforeseen circumstances or events may disrupt or alter one's intended outcomes
every bullet has a / its billet
/ˈɛvɹi bˈʊlɪt hɐz ɐ ɪts bˈɪlɪt/
used to imply that destiny or fate determines who shall be killed, rather than chance or random occurrence
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