a dead bee makes no honey
/ɐ dˈɛd bˈiː mˌeɪks nˈoʊ hˈʌni/
used to emphasize the futility of focusing on something that is no longer productive or beneficial
after death the doctor
/ˈæftɚ dˈɛθ ðə dˈɑːktɚ/
used to express the idea that presenting a solution or seeking assistance after a problem has already been resolved or is too late is futile
after meat, mustard
/ˈæftɚ mˈiːt mˈʌstɚd/
used to suggest that a helpful or beneficial action or idea has arrived too late to be of use
if it ain't broke, don't fix it
/ɪf ɪt ˈeɪnt bɹˈoʊk dˈoʊnt fˈɪks ɪt/
used to imply that unnecessary changes or improvements can sometimes cause more harm than good
sue a beggar and catch a louse
/sˈuː ɐ bˈɛɡɚ ænd kˈætʃ ɐ lˈaʊs/
used to imply that going after someone who has nothing to offer will only result in gaining something of little to no value in return
why buy a / the cow when you can get (the) milk for free
/wˌaɪ bˈaɪ ɐ ðə kˈaʊ wɛn juː kæn ɡɛt ðə mˈɪlk fɔːɹ fɹˈiː/
used to suggest that it is better to take advantage of what's already available than to make unnecessary investments without weighing the costs and benefits
it is ill striving against the stream
/ɪt ɪz ˈɪl stɹˈaɪvɪŋ ɐɡˈɛnst ðə stɹˈiːm/
used to suggest that it is better to work within existing circumstances rather than fighting against something that cannot be changed
if my aunt had been a man, she would have been my uncle
/ɪf maɪ ˈænt hɐdbɪn ɐ mˈæn ʃiː wʊdhɐv bˌɪn maɪ ˈʌŋkəl/
used to emphasize the importance of accepting reality as it is and focusing on what is possible, rather than dwelling on impossible or unlikely scenarios
it is ill sitting at Rome and striving with the Pope
/ɪt ɪz ˈɪl sˈɪɾɪŋ æt ɹˈoʊm ænd stɹˈaɪvɪŋ wɪððə pˈoʊp/
used to suggest that it is unwise and pointless to challenge someone with greater power or authority
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