nothing is surer than death
/nˈʌθɪŋ ɪz ʃˈʊɹɚ ðɐn dˈɛθ/
used to convey that death is an inevitable aspect of life, and that no matter what one does or how much one tries to avoid it, death is a certainty that everyone must face eventually
nothing is certain but the unforeseen
/nˈʌθɪŋ ɪz sˈɜːtən bˌʌt ðɪ ʌnfoːɹsˈiːn/
used to imply that life is uncertain and unpredictable, and that unexpected events or circumstances can always arise, making it impossible to be certain about the future
call no man happy till / until he dies / is history
/kˈɔːl nˈoʊ mˈæn hˈæpi tˈɪl ɔːɹ ʌntˈɪl hiː dˈaɪz ɔːɹ ɪz hˈɪstɚɹi/
used to imply that true happiness and success cannot be accurately judged until the end of one's life, as unforeseen events or circumstances can arise that may change their fortunes
not halloo till / until you are out of the woods
/nˌɑːt hˈæluː tˈɪl ʌntˈɪl juː ɑːɹ ˌaʊɾəv ðə wˈʊdz/
used to say that one should not celebrate or declare victory until you are completely sure that the situation is over or resolved
it / the opera is not over till / until the fat lady sings
/ɪt ðɪ ˈɑːpɚɹə ɪz nˌɑːt ˌoʊvɚ tˈɪl ʌntˈɪl ðə fˈæt lˈeɪdi sˈɪŋz/
used to imply that one should not make assumptions or premature judgments about the final result of something, as there is still a possibility of a surprise or unexpected turn of events
there is many a slip twixt / between cup and lip
/ðɛɹ ɪz mˈɛni ɐ slˈɪp twˈɪkst ɔːɹ bɪtwˌiːn kˈʌp ænd lˈɪp/
used to imply that even when something seems certain or likely to happen, there are many opportunities for it to go wrong or for unexpected events to intervene before it is actually achieved
better the devil you know than the devil you do not
/bˈɛɾɚ ðə dˈɛvəl juː nˈoʊ ðɐn ðə dˈɛvəl juː duːnˈɑːt/
used to suggest that it is often safer to stick with a known situation, even if it is not ideal, than to risk the unknown
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