a cracked bell can never sound well
/ɐ kɹˈækt bˈɛl kæn nˈɛvɚ sˈaʊnd wˈɛl/
used to imply that something that is damaged or flawed will never work properly, regardless of its other qualities or potential, as the flaw can significantly impact its effectiveness
a diamond with a flaw is better than a common stone that is perfect
/ɐ dˈaɪəmənd wɪð ɐ flˈɔː ɪz bˈɛɾɚ ðˌænə kˈɑːmən stˈoʊn ðæt ɪz pˈɜːfɛkt/
used to suggest that something of high value, even with a minor imperfection, is more desirable than something ordinary or mundane that is perfect
a good tale is none the worse for being told twice
/ɐ ɡˈʊd tˈeɪl ɪz nˈʌn ðə wˈɜːs fɔːɹ bˌiːɪŋ tˈoʊld twˈaɪs/
used to suggest that a good story is timeless and can be enjoyed and appreciated regardless of how many times it is repeated
cheapest is (often) (the) dearest
/tʃˈiːpəst ɪz ˈɔfən ɔːɹ ðɪ ɔːɹ dˈɪɹəst/
used to imply that opting for the least expensive option can end up being the most expensive in the long run, as it may require further expenses to fix problems or replace low-quality goods
good seed makes (for) a good crop
/ɡˈʊd sˈiːd mˌeɪks fɔːɹ ɔːɹ ɐ ɡˈʊd kɹˈɑːp/
used to suggest that starting with high-quality materials or resources leads to better outcomes and long-term success
(a) good wine needs no bush
/ɐ ɔːɹ ɡˈʊd wˈaɪn nˈiːdz nˈoʊ bˈʊʃ/
used to suggest that something of high quality or value does not require advertising or promotion, as its excellence is apparent
if you want something / a thing done right / well, (you might as well) do it yourself
/ɪf juː wˈɑːnt sˈʌmθɪŋ ɔːɹ ɐ θˈɪŋ dˈʌn ɹˈaɪt ɔːɹ wˈɛl juː mˌaɪt æz wˈɛl ɔːɹ dˈuː ɪt joːɹsˈɛlf/
used to suggest that to ensure a task is completed to a high standard, it is best to undertake it oneself rather than relying on others
if a thing / it is worth doing, it is worth doing well
/ɪf ɐ θˈɪŋ ɔːɹ ɪt ɪz wˈɜːθ dˈuːɪŋ ɪt ɪz wˈɜːθ dˌuːɪŋ wˈɛl/
used to imply that important tasks or activities deserve one's full effort and attention to ensure a successful outcome
small is beautiful
/smˈɔːl ɪz bjˈuːɾɪfəl/
used to imply that small or simple things can be just as significant and admirable as large or complex things, emphasizing that worth or quality is not necessarily linked to size or complexity
good and quickly / quick seldom meet
/ɡˈʊd ænd kwˈɪkli ɔːɹ kwˈɪk sˈɛldəm mˈiːt/
used to war that it is difficult to achieve both speed and high quality simultaneously, suggesting that a focus on one may come at the expense of the other
good things (tend to) come / arrive in small packages
/ɡˈʊd θˈɪŋz tˈɛnd tʊ ɔːɹ kˈʌm ɔːɹ ɐɹˈaɪv ɪn smˈɔːl pˈækɪdʒᵻz/
used to suggest that something small can have great value or significance, and that one should not judge the worth of something based solely on its size or outward appearance
jack of all trades is a master of none
/dʒˈæk ʌv ˈɔːl tɹˈeɪdz ɪz ɐ mˈæstɚɹ ʌv nˈʌn/
used to imply that a person who tries to do many different things may not become excellent or an expert in any one thing
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