the head and feet keep warm, the rest will take no harm
/ðə hˈɛd ænd fˈiːt kˈiːp wˈɔːɹm ðə ɹˈɛst wɪl tˈeɪk nˈoʊ hˈɑːɹm/
used to suggest that by focusing on the core aspects and addressing them effectively, one can avoid unnecessary complications and protect oneself from potential risks or harm
strain at gnats and swallow camels
/stɹˈeɪn æt nˈæts ænd swˈɑːloʊ kˈæməlz/
used to describe the act of focusing excessively on small or insignificant details while ignoring or overlooking much larger and more important matters
while the grass grows, the horse / steed starves
/wˌaɪl ðə ɡɹˈæs ɡɹˈoʊz ðə hˈɔːɹs stˈiːd stˈɑːɹvz/
used to warn against neglecting immediate needs and responsibilities in favor of long-term aspirations, as doing so can lead to negative consequences
eagles not catch flies
/ˈiːɡəlz nˌɑːt kˈætʃ flˈaɪz/
used to imply that people of high status or intelligence do not waste their time on trivial matters or insignificant people
the mother of mischief is no bigger than a midge's wing
/ðə mˈʌðɚɹ ʌv mˈɪstʃᵻf ɪz nˈoʊ bˈɪɡɚ ðˌænə mˈɪdʒɪz wˈɪŋ/
used to suggest that seemingly minor or insignificant things can be the root of significant problems or mischief
it is idle to swallow the cow and choke on the tail
/ɪt ɪz ˈaɪdəl tə swˈɑːloʊ ðə kˈaʊ ænd tʃˈoʊk ɑːnðə tˈeɪl/
used to imply that it is unwise to take on a task or challenge without being fully prepared to handle all of its components and potential consequences
do not lose sight of the forest for the trees
/duːnˌɑːt lˈuːz sˈaɪt ʌvðə fˈɔːɹɪst fɚðə tɹˈiːz/
used to emphasize that one should not become so focused on small details that one loses sight of the bigger picture or the main goal
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