unity / union is strength
/jˈuːnɪɾi ɔːɹ jˈuːniən ɪz stɹˈɛŋθ/
used to emphasize that collective effort and cooperation are more effective in achieving success than individual effort
united we stand, divided we fall
/juːnˈaɪɾᵻd wiː stˈænd dɪvˈaɪdᵻd wiː fˈɔːl/
used to suggest that people are stronger and more likely to succeed when they are united, but weaker and more vulnerable to failure when they are divided or working against each other
when spider webs unite, they can tie up a lion
/wˌɛn spˈaɪdɚ wˈɛbz juːnˈaɪt ðeɪ kæn tˈaɪ ˌʌp ɐ lˈaɪən/
used to emphasize the power of collective effort and unity to overcome great challenges and achieve significant results, even in the face of seemingly insurmountable obstacles
the voice of the people is the voice of God
/ðə vˈɔɪs ʌvðə pˈiːpəl ɪz ðə vˈɔɪs ʌv ɡˈɑːd/
used to emphasize the importance of listening to and honoring the desires and interests of a group of people, as they are seen as a force that represents a higher power
the enemy of your / my enemy is your / my friend
/ðɪ ˈɛnəmi ʌv jʊɹ ɔːɹ maɪ ˈɛnəmi ɪz jʊɹ ɔːɹ maɪ fɹˈɛnd/
used to suggest that in certain situations, it may be advantageous to form an alliance with someone who is not on friendly terms with you, as long as you both share a common enemy
the devil looks after his own
/ðə dˈɛvəl lˈʊks ˈæftɚ hɪz ˈoʊn/
used to highlight the concept of loyalty within certain groups or communities, where individuals support and protect each other, even if their actions are deemed negative or harmful by others
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