it is an ill wind that blows no one / no body any good
/ɪt ɪz ɐn ˈɪl wˈɪnd ðæt blˈoʊz nˈoʊwˈʌn nˈoʊ bˈɑːdi ˌɛni ɡˈʊd/
said to suggest that there is potential for good or positive outcomes, even in the face of adversity
all is not lost that is in peril
/ˈɔːl ɪz nˌɑːt lˈɔst ðæt ɪz ɪn pˈɛɹəl/
used to suggest that there is still hope for a situation or outcome that is at risk or in danger, emphasizing the importance of maintaining optimism and perseverance in difficult times
the better the day, the better the deed
/ðə bˈɛɾɚ ðə dˈeɪ ðə bˈɛɾɚ ðə dˈiːd/
used to suggest that a good day or positive mindset can serve as a driving force for individuals to perform better and achieve success in their endeavors
better to light a (single) candle than to curse the darkness
/bˈɛɾɚ tə lˈaɪt ɐ sˈɪŋɡəl kˈændəl ðɐn tə kˈɜːs ðə dˈɑːɹknəs/
used to suggest taking positive action, even if it is small, is more effective and productive than simply complaining or criticizing a situation without doing anything to improve it
the darkest hour is just before the dawn
/ðə dˈɑːɹkəst ˈaɪʊɹ ɪz dʒˈʌst bɪfˌoːɹ ðə dˈɔːn/
used to suggest that when things seem to be at their worst and most difficult, it is often a sign that a positive change or breakthrough is about to happen
every cloud has a silver lining
/ˈɛvɹi klˈaʊd hɐz ɐ sˈɪlvɚ lˈaɪnɪŋ/
used to imply that even in difficult or negative situations, there is often something positive or hopeful to be found
every / each day brings its bread (with it)
/ˈɛvɹi ˈiːtʃ dˈeɪ bɹˈɪŋz ɪts bɹˈɛd wɪð ɪt/
used to imply that one should focus on the present moment and not let concerns about what might happen in the future cause unnecessary stress or anxiety
he that lives in hope dances to an ill tune
/hiː ðæt lˈɪvz ɪn hˈoʊp dˈænsᵻz tʊ ɐn ˈɪl tˈuːn/
used to suggest that relying solely on hope without taking practical steps to achieve one's goals can lead to disappointment and negative outcomes
in the end things will mend
/ɪnðɪ ˈɛnd θˈɪŋz wɪl mˈɛnd/
used to imply that, despite the difficulties and challenges that one may face, there is hope for a positive outcome in the future with patience and perseverance
it is always darkest / darker before the dawn
/ɪt ɪz ˈɔːlweɪz dˈɑːɹkəst dˈɑːɹkɚ bɪfˌoːɹ ðə dˈɔːn/
used to imply that things often appear at their worst just before a significant positive change or improvement occurs
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