each / every bird loves to hear himself sing
/ˈiːtʃ ˈɛvɹi bˈɜːd lˈʌvz tə hˈɪɹ hɪmsˈɛlf sˈɪŋ/
used to imply that people may have a tendency to talk too much about themselves or their own ideas and abilities, without considering the interests or perspectives of others
every potter praises his own pot
/ˈɛvɹi pˈɑːɾɚ pɹˈeɪzᵻz hɪz ˈoʊn pˈɑːt/
used to imply that people tend to have a high opinion of their own abilities or accomplishments, and may not always be objective or accurate in their self-assessment
great barkers are no biters
/ɡɹˈeɪt bˈɑːɹkɚz ɑːɹ nˈoʊ bˈaɪɾɚz/
used to suggest that someone who makes a lot of noise or boasts excessively may not be as capable or effective as they claim to be
not bark if you cannot bite
/duːnˌɑːt bˈɑːɹk ɪf juː kænˈɑːt bˈaɪt/
used to advise that it is better to avoid making empty threats or promises, as it can result in loss of respect or credibility
threatened men live long
/θɹˈɛʔn̩d mˈɛn lˈaɪv lˈɑːŋ/
used to suggest that those who have experienced threats or danger may be better equipped to handle potential risks or dangers in the future due to their past experiences
in a calm sea every man is a pilot
/ɪn ɐ kˈɑːm sˈiː ˈɛvɹi mˈæn ɪz ɐ pˈaɪlət/
used to suggest that people often overestimate their abilities or expertise when they are not being challenged, and that true skill and leadership are only tested in difficult or challenging situations
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