a shut / closed mouth catches no flies
/ɐ ʃˈʌt klˈoʊzd mˈaʊθ kˈætʃᵻz nˈoʊ flˈaɪz/
used to encourage people to think carefully before speaking and to consider the potential consequences of their words, recognizing that sometimes it is better to say nothing at all
dead men tell no tales
/dˈɛd mˈɛn tˈɛl nˈoʊ tˈeɪlz/
used to say that once a person has died, they cannot reveal any secrets or information, particularly used to caution someone against revealing sensitive or potentially dangerous information
fields have eyes, (and) woods have ears
/fˈiːldz hæv ˈaɪz ænd wˈʊdz hæv ˈɪɹz/
used to suggest that even in seemingly private locations, there may be someone present who could overhear or observe one's actions, so one should always be mindful of their behavior
murder will out
/mˈɜːdɚ wɪl ˈaʊt/
used to emphasize that secrets have a way of being revealed eventually, and so it is important to act with integrity and honesty in all aspects of life
secrets are secrets for a reason
/sˈiːkɹəts ɑːɹ sˈiːkɹəts fɚɹɚ ɹˈiːzən/
used to encourage people to be cautious about sharing information that has been shared with them in confidence, recognizing that doing so can damage relationships and weaken trust
three may / might keep a secret if two are dead
/θɹˈiː mˈeɪ mˌaɪt kˈiːp ɐ sˈiːkɹət ɪf tˈuː ɑːɹ dˈɛd/
used to imply that it is important to be careful about who one shares confidential information with, as each additional person who is told the secret increases the risk of it being disclosed
what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas
/wˌʌt hˈæpənz ɪn vˈeɪɡəs stˈeɪz ɪn vˈeɪɡəs/
used to imply that any scandalous activities that occur during group travel should not be discussed with others outside of the group
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