charity begins at home
/tʃˈæɹɪɾi bɪɡˈɪnz æt hˈoʊm/
used to imply that one should focus on taking care of their own family and community first, before extending acts of kindness to others
a gentle heart is tied with an easy thread
/ɐ dʒˈɛntəl hˈɑːɹt ɪz tˈaɪd wɪð ɐn ˈiːzi θɹˈɛd/
used to imply that kind and compassionate people can form effortless and meaningful connections with others, as they are more receptive to simple acts of kindness and affection
do unto others as you would have them do unto you
/dˈuː ˌʌntʊ ˈʌðɚz æz juː wʊdhɐv ðˌɛm dˈuː ˌʌntʊ juː/
used to emphasize that one should treat others in the same way that one would like to be treated themselves
pity is akin to love
/pˈɪɾi ɪz ɐkˈɪn tə lˈʌv/
used to imply that there is a strong connection between the emotions of pity and love, as feeling sorry for someone can lead to empathy and affection towards them
love covers a multitude of sins
/lˈʌv kˈʌvɚz ɐ mˈʌltɪtˌuːd ʌv sˈɪnz/
used to imply that when one truly loves another, they are more likely to overlook or forgive their faults or mistakes, emphasizing the power of love to overcome shortcomings or flaws
to he that is warm thinks all so
/hiː ðæt ɪz wˈɔːɹm θˈɪŋks ˈɔːl sˈoʊ/
used to suggest that when someone is comfortable or satisfied, they may view things more positively and underestimate the difficulties faced by others
it takes one to know one
/ɪt tˈeɪks wˈʌn tə nˈoʊ wˌʌn/
used to suggest that in order to truly understand someone, one must possess similar qualities, experiences, or characteristics themselves
to know all is to forgive all
/tə nˈoʊ ˈɔːl ɪz tə fəɡˈɪv ˈɔːl/
used to imply that if one understands the full context or circumstances behind someone's actions or behavior, they will be more likely to forgive them
life is too short to make others' shorter
/lˈaɪf ɪz tˈuː ʃˈɔːɹt tə mˌeɪk ˈʌðɚz ʃˈɔːɹɾɚ/
used to emphasize the importance of treating others with kindness and respect, and avoiding actions that cause harm or suffering, recognizing the finite and precious nature of life
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