patience is a plaster for all sores
/pˈeɪʃəns ɪz ɐ plˈæstɚ fɔːɹ ˈɔːl sˈoːɹz/
used to suggest that patience can provide comfort and relief during difficult times, and can help to heal emotional wounds and problems
a handful of patience is worth more than a bushel of brains
/ɐ hˈændfəl ʌv pˈeɪʃəns ɪz wˈɜːθ mˈoːɹ ðˌænə bˈʊʃəl ʌv bɹˈeɪnz/
used to imply that patience is more important than intelligence or knowledge, and can often lead to greater success in navigating challenges and achieving goals
good things come to those who wait
/ɡˈʊd θˈɪŋz kˈʌm tə ðoʊz hˌuː wˈeɪt/
used to imply that if one is patient and persistent, they will eventually be rewarded with success or good things
it will be all the same a hundred years hence
/ɪt wɪl biː ˈɔːl ðə sˈeɪm ɐ hˈʌndɹəd jˈɪɹz hˈɛns/
used to suggest that the passing of time can put things in perspective, and that the things that seem important or significant in the present may not matter in the long run
all things are difficult before they are easy
/ˈɔːl θˈɪŋz ɑːɹ dˈɪfɪkəlt bɪfˌoːɹ ðeɪ ɑːɹ ˈiːzi/
used to suggest that initial difficulties are a natural part of the learning process and with perseverance and determination, tasks can become easier to handle
do not sell the bear's skin before you have (actually) caught it
/dˈɑːn nˌɑːt sˈɛl ðə bˈɛɹz skˈɪn bɪfˌoːɹ juː hæv ˈæktʃuːəli kˈɔːt ɪt/
used to advise one to be patient and wait until one has achieved actual results before expecting or assuming success and enjoying the rewards
long foretold, long last; short notice, soon past
/lˈɑːŋ foːɹtˈoʊld lˈɑːŋ lˈæst ʃˈɔːɹt nˈoʊɾɪs sˈuːn pˈæst/
used to imply that events that are planned for a long time tend to have a lasting impact, while those that are hastily done tend to be short-lived.
patience is a virtue
/pˈeɪʃəns ɪz ɐ vˈɜːtʃuː/
used to imply that being able to wait calmly and persistently without becoming frustrated, angry, or anxious is a valuable and desirable trait that can ultimately lead to success
soft / slow fire makes sweet malt
/sˈɔft slˈoʊ fˈaɪɚ mˌeɪks swˈiːt mˈɑːlt/
used to imply that taking the time to do something right and with patience will yield better results than rushing through it
softly, softly, catchee monkey
/sˈɔftli sˈɔftli kˈætʃiː mˈʌnki/
used to imply that a cautious, patient, and persistent approach is often more effective in achieving one's goals than a hasty, aggressive, or reckless approach
there is luck in leisure
/ðɛɹ ɪz lˈʌk ɪn lˈiːʒɚ/
used to imply that taking breaks and having leisure time can lead to positive outcomes or opportunities that may not have been possible with constant work
time heals all wounds
/tˈaɪm hˈiːlz ˈɔːl wˈuːndz/
used to suggest that the passage of time can lessen the intensity of emotional pain or suffering caused by a difficult experience or situation, and eventually lead to healing and recovery
time works wonders
/tˈaɪm wˈɜːks wˈʌndɚz/
used to imply that the passage of time can bring about positive changes, personal growth, and achievement in life, even in seemingly impossible situations, if one remains patient and perseveres
April showers bring May flowers
/ˈeɪpɹəl ʃˈaʊɚz bɹˈɪŋ mˈeɪ flˈaʊɚz/
used to suggest that enduring difficult or challenging times can lead to positive outcomes and rewards
a watched pot / kettle never boils
/ɐ wˈɑːtʃt pˈɑːt kˈɛɾəl nˈɛvɚ bˈɔɪlz/
used to suggest that constantly monitoring or worrying about something can make it seem like it is taking longer to happen
if you sit by the river (for) long enough, you will see / witness the body of your enemy float by
/ɪf juː sˈɪt baɪ ðə ɹˈɪvɚ fɔːɹ lˈɑːŋ ɪnˈʌf juː wɪl sˈiː wˈɪtnəs ðə bˈɑːdi ʌv jʊɹ ˈɛnəmi flˈoʊt bˈaɪ/
used to imply that if one waits long enough, justice will eventually be served and one's enemies will face the consequences of their actions
patience is bitter but its fruit is sweet
/pˈeɪʃəns ɪz bˈɪɾɚ bˌʌt ɪts fɹˈuːt ɪz swˈiːt/
used to suggest that waiting for something can be difficult, but the end result is often rewarding, emphasizing the importance of being patient and persistent in pursuing one's goals
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