better to live one day as a tiger than a thousand years as a sheep
/bˈɛɾɚ tə lˈɪv wˈʌn dˈeɪ æz ɐ tˈaɪɡɚ ðˌænə θˈaʊzənd jˈɪɹz æz ɐ ʃˈiːp/
used to say that it is better to live a short but meaningful life, filled with courage and boldness, rather than living a long but unremarkable life that lacks purpose or ambition
cowards die many times before their death
/kˈaʊɚdz dˈaɪ mˈɛni tˈaɪmz bɪfˌoːɹ ðɛɹ dˈɛθ/
used to imply that confronting challenges with bravery is better than letting fear hold us back and suffer the consequences of inaction, as it may cause emotional suffering similar to death
no guts, no glory
/nˈoʊ ɡˈʌts nˈoʊ ɡlˈoːɹi/
used to emphasize the importance of taking action and being willing to take risks in order to achieve great things in life
a bully is always a coward
/ɐ bˈʊli ɪz ˈɔːlweɪz ɐ kˈaʊɚd/
used to imply that bullies use intimidation to make up for their own feelings of weakness or vulnerability
a man of courage never wants / needs weapons
/ɐ mˈæn ʌv kˈɜːɹɪdʒ nˈɛvɚ wˈɑːnts nˈiːdz wˈɛpənz/
used to imply that a courageous person will rely on their inner strength and moral character to face challenges, rather than resorting to violence or intimidation
boldly go where no man has gone before
/bˈoʊldli ɡˌoʊ wˌɛɹ nˈoʊ mˈæn hɐz ɡɔn bɪfˈoːɹ/
used to imply the importance of embracing the unknown, taking risks, and pushing beyond the boundaries of what is currently known or accepted in order to achieve great things
conscience makes cowards of us all
/kˈɑːnʃəns mˌeɪks kˈaʊɚdz ʌv ˌʌs ˈɔːl/
used to say that people's sense of right and wrong can make them hesitant or afraid to take action, even if it is necessary or beneficial
eagles fly alone, but sheep flock together
/ˈiːɡəlz flˈaɪ ɐlˈoʊn bˌʌt ʃˈiːp flˈɑːk təɡˈɛðɚ/
used to suggest that individuals with exceptional or unique abilities may stand out from the crowd and be isolated, while those who lack such qualities tend to seek safety in groups
faint heart never won fair lady / maiden
/fˈeɪnt hˈɑːɹt nˈɛvɚ wˈʌn fˈɛɹ lˈeɪdi mˈeɪdən/
used to suggest that a person who lacks courage or is too timid will never be able to win the affection of the person they desire, and that boldness and perseverance are necessary traits for success in romantic pursuits
he that stays in the valley will not / never get over the hill
/hiː ðæt stˈeɪz ɪnðə vˈæli wɪl nˌɑːt nˈɛvɚ ɡɛt ˌoʊvɚ ðə hˈɪl/
used to suggest that progress and growth require taking some degree of risk and making an effort to move beyond one's current situation
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