desire has no limit
/dɪzˈaɪɚ hɐz nˈoʊ lˈɪmɪt/
used to imply that people are never completely satisfied and are always seeking more wealth, power, or other forms of success, and that this drive can lead to both positive and negative outcomes
(many) go (out) for wool and come home shorn
/mˈɛni ɡˌoʊ ˈaʊt fɔːɹ wˈʊl ænd kˈʌm hˈoʊm ʃˈɔːɹn/
used to imply that when someone sets out to gain something, often through dishonest or risky means, they are likely to end up losing everything they have, including what they started with
greedy never gets
/ɡɹˈiːdi nˈɛvɚ ɡˈɛts/
used to suggest that when someone is too greedy or selfish, they are less likely to achieve their goals or gain what they want
the more you get / have, the more you want
/ðə mˈoːɹ juː ɡɛt hˈæv ðə mˈoːɹ juː wˈɑːnt/
used to suggest that as someone gains more possessions, wealth, or success, their desires tend to grow, leading to a never-ending cycle of wanting more
pigs get fat, hogs get slaughtered
/pˈɪɡz ɡɛt fˈæt hˈɑːɡz ɡɛt slˈɔːɾɚd/
used to emphasize the importance of balance and moderation, and warns that taking more than one needs or is entitled to can be dangerous and lead to negative outcomes or loss
(he) who grasps at too much loses everything / it all
/hiː hˌuː ɡɹˈæsps æt tˈuː mʌtʃ lˈuːzᵻz ˈɛvɹɪθˌɪŋ ɪt ˈɔːl/
used to caution against being overly ambitious, as trying to take on too much or being too greedy can lead to failure or loss
grasp all, lose all
/ɡɹˈæsp ˈɔːl lˈuːz ˈɔːl/
used to suggest that attempting to have or do everything at once can lead to negative consequences and that people should focus on what is essential and achievable
a person with too much ambition cannot sleep in peace
/ɐ pˈɜːsən wɪð tˈuː mʌtʃ æmbˈɪʃən kænˈɑːt slˈiːp ɪn pˈiːs/
used to suggest that when someone is overly ambitious, they may experience anxiety or restlessness, as they are constantly striving for more and worrying about achieving their goals
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