every light is not the sun
/ˈɛvɹi lˈaɪt ɪz nˌɑːt ðə sˈʌn/
used to suggest that not everything or everyone that appears impressive or promising is truly exceptional or trustworthy
cats hide their claws
/kˈæts hˈaɪd ðɛɹ klˈɔːz/
used to suggest that individuals may conceal their true power, skills, or motives, acting in a seemingly harmless or innocent manner while keeping their true nature or abilities hidden
cheaters never win and / , winners never cheat
/tʃˈiːɾɚz nˈɛvɚ wˈɪn ænd wˈɪnɚz nˈɛvɚ tʃˈiːt/
used to imply that cheating or cutting corners may lead to short-term gains, but in the long run, it is not a sustainable or effective strategy for achieving success
cheats (shall) never prosper
/tʃˈiːts ʃˌæl nˈɛvɚ pɹˈɑːspɚ/
used to imply that dishonest or unethical behavior ultimately leads to failure or negative consequences
children and fools (both) tell the truth
/tʃˈɪldɹən ænd fˈuːlz bˈoʊθ tˈɛl ðə tɹˈuːθ/
used to suggest that children and fools, who may lack social filters or awareness of consequences, are more likely to speak the truth without pretense or deceit
no truth, no crown
/nˈoʊ tɹˈuːθ nˈoʊ kɹˈaʊn/
used to emphasize that honesty, integrity, and adherence to moral principles are essential for achieving and maintaining success, respect, and authority
tell / speak the truth and shame the devil
/tˈɛl ɔːɹ spˈiːk ðə tɹˈuːθ ænd ʃˈeɪm ðə dˈɛvəl/
used to urge people to be honest, even if it may not be to their advantage, in order to expose and defeat dishonesty or wrongdoing
common fame is seldom to blame
/kˈɑːmən fˈeɪm ɪz sˈɛldəm tə blˈeɪm/
used to suggest that widely held opinions or reputations are often based on some level of truth or accuracy, but it does not necessarily imply that negative opinions are always justified or deserved
honesty is the best policy 
/ˈɑːnɪsti ɪz ðə bˈɛst pˈɑːlɪsi/
used to emphasize that it is always better to tell the truth, even if it may be difficult or inconvenient
truth (often) lies at the bottom of a well
/tɹˈuːθ ˈɔfən ɔːɹ lˈaɪz æt ðə bˈɑːɾəm əvə wˈɛl/
used to imply that discovering the truth requires effort and persistence, as the truth may not be immediately apparent or easily accessible
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