a man is as old as he feels himself to be
/ɐ mˈæn ɪz æz ˈoʊld æz hiː fˈiːlz hɪmsˈɛlf tə bˈiː/
used to say that a person's age is not solely determined by the number of years they have lived, but by their physical and mental state
an old man is twice a child
/ɐn ˈoʊld mˈæn ɪz twˈaɪs ɐ tʃˈaɪld/
used to imply that as a person ages, they become more childlike in their behavior and needs, emphasizing the importance of treating the elderly with care and respect
early ripe, early rotten
/ˈɜːli ɹˈaɪp ˈɜːli ɹˈɑːʔn̩/
used to suggest that someone who achieves success or matures too quickly or too early in life may also experience a decline or downfall earlier than others
every man is (either) a fool or physician by forty / thirty
/ˈɛvɹi mˈæn ɪz ˈiːðɚ ɐ fˈuːl ɔːɹ fɪzˈɪʃən baɪ fˈɔːɹɾi θˈɜːɾi/
used to imply that as a person reaches middle age, they either gain wisdom and expertise from their experiences or remain foolish due to their inability to learn from mistakes
life begins at forty
/lˈaɪf bɪɡˈɪnz æt fˈɔːɹɾi/
used to suggest that the second half of life can be as rewarding as the first, as the age of forty allows more time and resources to focus on personal interests
other times, other manners
/ˈʌðɚ tˈaɪmz ˈʌðɚ mˈænɚz/
used to suggest that customs, behavior, and social norms change over time, and what is acceptable or expected in one era or culture may not be in another
there is many a good tune played on an old fiddle
/ðɛɹ ɪz mˈɛni ɐ ɡˈʊd tˈuːn plˈeɪd ˌɑːn ɐn ˈoʊld fˈɪdəl/
used to suggest that even though something or someone may be old and worn out, they can still be effective and have value
(the) youth must be served
/ðə jˈuːθ mˈʌst biː sˈɜːvd/
used to imply that young people should be given opportunities to grow, learn, and express themselves while being treated with patience and understanding to nurture their potential
youth will have its fling / swing
/jˈuːθ wɪl hæv ɪts flˈɪŋ swˈɪŋ/
used to emphasize that young people should be allowed to explore and experiment with their lives, make mistakes, and learn from them
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