a game for children in which one or more players hide and the other player should search for them in order to find them
a game for children, in which each player throws a stone, marker, etc. on a squared pattern that was drawn on the ground and hops on them to pick it up
kick the can
/kˈɪk ðə kˈæn/
a classic outdoor children's game where one player tries to find and tag the other players who are hiding, while the hiders attempt to run and kick a can before being tagged
a children’s game played by two or more children, in which one runs after the others and tries to touch them, the touched player then has to run after the others instead
duck, duck, goose
/dˈʌk dˈʌk ɡˈuːs/
a children's game where players sit in a circle, and one player walks around the outside, tapping others on the head and saying "duck" until choosing someone as "goose," who must then chase the first player around the circle before being tagged
a lawn game in which players take turns throwing bean bags or corn-filled bags toward a raised platform with a hole in it, aiming to score points by getting the bags into the hole or landing them on the platform
capture the flag
/kˈæptʃɚ ðə flˈæɡ/
a team-based outdoor game where players from two teams try to capture the opposing team's flag, located in their territory, and bring it back to their own base without being tagged or captured by the opposing team
jump rope
/dʒˈʌmp ɹˈoʊp/
a physical activity or game in which a person jumps over a swinging rope, either individually or with others, for exercise, fun, or as part of a rhythmic routine
sack race
/sˈæk ɹˈeɪs/
a traditional outdoor game where participants hop or jump inside a large sack or burlap bag from a starting line to a finish line, competing to see who can reach the end the fastest
a classic outdoor game where players take turns throwing horseshoes at a stake planted in the ground, aiming to encircle the stake or land the horseshoe close to it to score points
a traditional Korean game where players kick a small object to keep it in the air without letting it touch the ground
hacky sack
/hˈæki sˈæk/
a casual game where players use their feet and other body parts to keep a small, round sack filled with beans or sand off the ground for as long as possible, often played in a circle or among friends for fun and skill-building
Chinese jump rope
/tʃaɪnˈiːz dʒˈʌmp ɹˈoʊp/
a children's game that involves using an elastic band looped around the ankles or legs of two players while a third player jumps over and performs various patterns and movements within the elastic loop
steal the bacon
/stˈiːl ðə bˈeɪkən/
a team-based outdoor game where two teams compete to retrieve a designated object placed in the center and return it to their side without getting tagged by the opposing team
tug of war
/tˈʌɡ ʌv wˈɔːɹ/
a competitive team game where two teams pull on opposite ends of a rope, aiming to drag the other team across a designated centerline or marker to win
red rover
/ɹˈɛd ɹˈoʊvɚ/
a children's outdoor game where two teams line up facing each other, and players take turns running to break through the opposing team's linked arms
Simon says
/sˈaɪmən sˈɛz/
a game for children in which a player is considered as a leader and other players must do what the leader says only if they add “Simon says” at the beginning of their instructive sentences
a Finnish outdoor game where players throw a wooden pin, called the "mölkky," to knock down numbered wooden pins, trying to reach a specific score without going over, and it combines elements of bowling and accuracy
a traditional Korean outdoor game and performance art where participants use a see-saw-like wooden board to jump and perform acrobatic tricks, typically during festive events and celebrations
a small, weighted fabric bag filled with beans or similar material, often used in various throwing or tossing games
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