a physical game that is played on a large plastic mat with colorful circles, where players take turns spinning a wheel to determine which body part and which circle color to place it on, resulting in a tangled web of limbs and bodies as players contort themselves to avoid falling over
wire loop game
/wˈaɪɚ lˈuːp ɡˈeɪm/
a skill-based amusement game where players use a handheld wand to navigate along a twisted wire without touching it, avoiding triggering a buzzing sound
laser tag
/lˈeɪzɚ tˈæɡ/
a competitive game where players use handheld infrared-emitting devices to tag opponents' targets, simulating combat scenarios in a safe and fun environment
cat's cradle
/kˈæts kɹˈeɪdəl/
a game for children in which players wrap a string around their fingers and try to make different designs
a physical and mental skill game that was first created in the 1980s, played with a set of 54 wooden blocks, which are stacked in a tower formation at the beginning of the game
penny in the hole
/pˈɛni ɪnðə hˈoʊl/
a simple game where players take turns trying to toss or roll a penny into a small hole or target, often drawn on the ground or a board, and the player who successfully lands the penny inside the hole wins
Aunt Sally
/ˈænt sˈæli/
a traditional English pub game where players throw sticks or balls at a small wooden or metal target called "Aunt Sally," aiming to knock it off a metal spike or pole, providing a fun and social activity
ring toss
/ɹˈɪŋ tˈɑːs/
a fun game where players try to toss rings onto a target, typically a peg or a bottle, to score points based on where the rings land
ring the bull
/ɹˈɪŋ ðə bˈʊl/
a traditional pub game where players attempt to swing a ring attached to a string onto a hook or bull's horn fixed to a wall, aiming for accuracy and skill in landing the ring on the target
bar billiards
/bˈɑːɹ bˈɪlɪɚdz/
a traditional pub game played on a small table with pockets, combining elements of billiards and bagatelle, providing a social and skill-based pastime in pubs and bars
a game in which small pointy objects are thrown at a board to achieve points
a table game where players slide weighted pucks to score points in scoring zones, played for fun and competition
an ancient game played with small objects, typically sheep's knucklebones or metal jacks, where players toss and pick up the pieces in various sequences, providing a traditional and challenging pastime
pick-up sticks
/pˈɪkˌʌp stˈɪks/
a classic game played with a set of thin sticks or straws, where players take turns trying to remove sticks from a pile without disturbing the others, providing a fun and strategic challenge
a table game resembling football in which players attempt to score goals by turning side handles that have figures of football players attached to them
air hockey
/ˈɛɹ hˈɑːki/
a tabletop game in which two players use paddles to hit a puck back and forth on a low-friction surface, attempting to score goals in each other's net
a classic arcade game in which players roll balls up a ramp to try to land them in scoring holes of varying point values
a hand game where two players simultaneously form one of three shapes with their hands determining the winner based on simple rules: rock crushes scissors, scissors cuts paper, and paper covers rock
hand clapping game
/hˈænd klˈæpɪŋ ɡˈeɪm/
a game that involves rhythmic hand movements and clapping, often accompanied by a song or rhyme, and typically played by two or more players taking turns to perform specific hand gestures and claps in sync with the rhythm
a hand game where players try to slide their fingers into certain positions or patterns, following the leader's actions
odds and evens
/ˈɑːdz ænd ˈiːvənz/
a hand game where two players simultaneously show either an odd number of fingers or an even number of fingers, and the winner is determined based on the sum of the fingers shown by both players, providing a simple and fun game of chance and decision-making
thumb war
/θˈʌm wˈɔːɹ/
a hand game where two players interlock their thumbs and try to pin down their opponent's thumb for a count of three, similar to traditional wrestling but using only the thumbs
a hand-clapping game usually accompanied by a rhyme, where two players clap their hands together in a pattern while reciting the rhyme
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